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Lights. Camera, Ashley

Ashley Parker | Bachelor of Arts (Film Production)

One of Canberra’s best female filmmakers doesn’t want that title. She just wants to be Canberra’s best filmmaker.

UC Alumnus Reaching for the Stars

Hew Sandison | Bachelor of Arts (Film Production)

It’s the moment Hew Sandison has been working toward since graduating from UC 2013 with a Bachelor of Media Arts and Production degree.

World-First, International Building Quality Centre (IBQC)

Bronwyn Watson | Bachelor of Building and Construction Management

The International Building Quality Centre (IBQC) is a world-first, independent organisation, established at the University of Canberra, with the aim to restore confidence, and create a better outcome for the community.

Poetry on the Move Festival moves online

Arts & Design

The Poetry on the Move Festival looks slightly different in 2020, with the celebration of poetry to be delivered fully online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Explore your curiosity and upskill with UC

Arts & Design

Expand your skill set this winter with one of the Faculty of Arts and Design (FAD) short courses. Uniquely designed for the Canberra community, our range of online courses were created to upgrade your technical design skills, sharpen your creative ideas, or engage with the latest research in media and culture all from the comfort of home.

Animated Performance

Amy Campbell | Bachelor of Arts (Digital Media)

Amy completed her final project ‘Animated Performance’ for her graduating project in 2019. The performance, integrates her love for dance and motion capture. As for choosing Digital Media, Amy says “I have always had a passion for game development and undertaking a Digital Media degree at UC has given me a variety of opportunities to expand my skills.


Anna Tito | Bachelor of Arts (Digital Media)

Hands up if you've downloaded Animal Crossing recently? You're not alone! According to PHD student Anna Tito, "games are having a big swell right now because everyone is at home and available to play. The audience is growing quickly, and developers are recognising that and catering to new audiences."


Ben Ennis-Butler | Bachelor of Design (Interaction Design)

In recent months, many of us have moved online for everything from work, to school, to shopping and ordering dinner. Companies around the world have scrambled to adapt not only their business models, but their digital presences in order to keep up with an increasingly online society.Assistant Professor in Visual Communication at the University of Canberra, Ben Ennis-Butler, is an expert in digital interfaces and says that this period of time could change the way businesses operate forever.


Mitchell Launder | Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing)

For many students, a trip to Kuwait might not be on the top of the bucket list. In fact, Mitchell Launder had never even considered travelling there. That was until last October when the Kuwait Embassy offered University of Canberra students the opportunity of a lifetime – an all-expenses paid trip to the country to meet with government officials and high-level executives.

The Future of Aviation in Australia

Tracy Ireland | Culture & Heritage

UC's Professor Tracy Ireland specialises in cultural heritage, and is currently the Lead Chief Investigator for the Australian Research Council funded project Heritage of the Air. Tracy has taken a keen interest in the Virgin Australia collapse and how the outcome of their voluntary administration may correlate with similar past events. UnCover talks with Tracy as she shares her thoughts about Virgin's future by looking at the past...

UC's own nominated for Book of the Year Award

Lisa Fuller | Research

UC Faculty of Arts and Design PhD student Lisa Fuller, has continued to kick goals and achieve her writing dreams. Lisa was recently shortlisted in the older reader’s category of the Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year award for her novel Ghost Bird.

Supermarket shelves stripped bare? History can teach us to ‘make do’ with food

Bethaney Turner | Research

"Right now is the perfect time for us to start experimenting with what we can do in our own homes and neighbourhoods to help secure our food futures."Associate Professor Bethaney Turner considers how global events such as the COVID-19 pandemic can help us change our food habits to be better prepared for the future.

Portfolio Entry: Alternate Entry Options

Faculty of Arts & Design

High school finishers, mature-age students, and current students of CIT and TAFE are among those who will have the opportunity to study at the University of Canberra based on a portfolio application, rather than the traditional ATAR entry requirements.The specialised admission process will be offered to future students applying to study courses within the Faculty of Arts and Design.

Designing for Changing Times

Rob Henry | Bachelor of the Built Environment (Architecture)

It’s been an eventful first few months of the year in Australia and beyond...changing the way people all over the world live their daily lives.UC Faculty of Arts and Design alumnus and award-winning Canberra architect, Rob Henry, believes these events have the potential to alter our thinking when it comes to design.

Emerging Contemporaries 2020 – Craft ACT

Arts & Design | Bachelor of Design (Industrial Design)

Congratulations to our Bachelor of Design (Industrial Design) graduates Katie McAuliffe, George Shvili and Oliver Chiswell! These three talented students were awarded the Craft ACT Emerging Contemporaries award and are now showcasing their “Foldable Furniture” projects at the Craft ACT National Award Exhibition for early-career artists!

UnCover Podcast: In Conversation with Charles Landry

Charles Landry | Arts & Design

Join the University of Canberra’s Associate Dean of Architecture, Erin Hinton, and Associate Professor in Architecture Max Maxwell, as they discuss all things ambition and the concept of the ‘Creative City’ with international urban-change leader Charles Landry.

Facebook data now accessible to UC researchers

Sora Park | Research

Researchers from the UC Faculty of Arts and Design News and Research Media Centre have been announced as the only Australian recipients of a $75,000 AUD grant that will allow them to access raw data from Facebook for analysis.

Arts & Design Cultural Pass

Elly Mackay | Arts & Design

Students beginning their studies in the Faculty of Arts and Design in 2020 will have the opportunity to visit and learn from some of Canberra’s best museums and galleries.

UnCover Podcast: Garth Nix and Felicity Packard in Conversation

Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing)

UC Alumni; New York Times bestselling author Garth Nix and one of Australia's most influential screenwriters Felicity Packard sit down and chat about growing up in Canberra, their time at UC, and what's in store for the future.

Building a Brighter Future

Rund Alnasser | Bachelor of Building and Construction Management

Rund Alnasser was just 15 when she moved from Amman, Jordan. Rund’s positive attitude and determination led to early entry into a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture course at UC. Here she explains her change to the Bachelor of Building and Construction Management after traveling to the Indo-Pacific with NCP.

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