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Digital News Report: Australia

Digital News Report: Australia 2021


This year’s report reveals the rapid increase in news consumption by Australians at the start of the pandemic has not been maintained. The proportion of people paying for it has not increased, and interest in news has declined since 2020.

We also find Australians have become more trusting of news in general but concern about misinformation remains high. However, many Australians lack adequate levels of media literacy to identify it and the majority are unaware of the financial difficulty facing the news industry.

  • Trust in news has rebounded to 43% but is well below the high of 53% trust in COVID-19 news coverage found in April 2020.
  • News consumption has fallen from the COVID-19 high, with heavy news use dropping from 69% in April 2020 to 51% in January 2021, and lower than previous years.
  • Interest in the news continues to decline, with those expressing high interest down from 64% in 2016 to 52% in 2021.
  • Most Australians support impartial and balanced news; 73% agree news should present a range of views and 71% say news should give equal time to all sides.
  • Women and young people say they are underrepresented in news, with 26% of Gen Z women saying news does not give their gender enough coverage.
  • Local news continues to be an important part of Australian’s news diet, and the findings confirm a significant role of local newspapers in generating a sense of community.

For more information, please read the final report.

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This report is part of a long running international survey coordinated by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, an international research centre in the comparative study of journalism based at the University of Oxford. The Digital News Report delivers comparative data on media usage in 46 countries and across 6 continents.

The News and Media Research Centre at the University of Canberra is the Australian partner institute and author of the Digital News Report: Australia. This is the seventh annual Digital News Report: Australia.

Cite the report as: Park, S., Fisher, C., McGuinness, K., Lee, J.Y. & McCallum, K. (2021). Digital News Report: Australia 2021. Canberra: News & Media Research Centre, University of Canberra.


Professor Sora Park, lead author, News and Media Research Centre, University of Canberra

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