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Digital News Report: Australia (2017) by Jerry Watkins, Sora Park, Caroline Fisher, R. Warwick Blood, Glen Fuller, Virginia Haussegger, Michael Jenson, Jee Young Lee and Franco Papandrea.

Decoding Publics: A review of digital media analytics tools (2016) by Mathieu O'Neil and Daniel Kelley.

Mobile Health: Empowering people with type 2 diabetes using digital tools (2016) by Sora Park, Sally Burford, Jee Young Lee and Luke Toy.

Digital News Report: Australia (2016) by Jerry Watkins, Sora Park, R.Warwick Blood, Megan Deas, Michelle Dunne Breen, Caroline Fisher, Glen Fuller, Jee Young Lee, Franco Papandrea and Matthew Ricketson.

'What is happening with your body and your baby': Australian women's use of pregnancy and parenting apps (2015) by Deborah Lupton and Sarah Pedersen.

Digital News Report: Australia (2015) by Jerry Watkins, Sora Park, R. Warwick Blood, Michelle Dunne Breen, Glen Fuller, Franco Papandrea and Matthew Ricketson.

Conversations about alcohol and pregnancy (2015) by Kate Holland and Kerry McCallum.

Domestic Content Policies in the Broadband Age: A Four Country Analysis (2015) by Sora Park, Charles H. Davis, Franco Papandrea and Robert G. Picard.

'Feeling Better Connected': Report on Academics' use of Social Media (2014) by Deborah Lupton.

State of the Newspaper Industry in Australia, 2013 (2013) by Franco Papandrea.

Italy in the Australian News Media, 2005-2012 (2013) by Peter Putnis, Franco Papandrea and R.Warwick Blood.

Recent Monographs

Digital Capital
Palgrave 2017
By introducing the concept “digital capital,” which refers to the conditions that determine how people access, use, and engage with digital technology, Sora Park examines how the digital ecosystem of the user lead to new forms of digital inequality. Using numerous empirical studies on internet users and non-users, as well as recommending small localized solutions to the big global problem, a critical and alternative perspective of the digital divide is provided.

Self Tracking, Health and Medicine picture of book cover Self-Tracking, Health and Medicine:  Sociological Perspectives
Routledge 2017
Self-tracking practices are part of many health and medical domains. The contributors to this book cover a range of self-tracking techniques, contexts and geographical locations. Major themes running across the collection include the emphasis on self-responsibility and self-management on which self-tracking rationales and devices tend to rely; the biopedagogical function of self-tracking (teaching people about how to be both healthy and productive biocitizens); and the reproduction of social norms and moral meanings concerning health states and embodiment.

The Digital Academic Book CoverThe Digital Academic
Routledge, 2017
This book brings together leading scholars who examine the impacts, possibilities, politics and drawbacks of working in the contemporary university, using digital technologies. Contributors take a critical perspective in identifying the implications of digitisation for the future of higher education, academic publishing protocols and platforms and academic employment conditions, the ways in which academics engage in their everyday work and as public scholars and relationships with students and other academics.

The Dynamics of News and Indigenous Policy in AustraliaThe Dynamics of News and Indigenous Policy in Australia
Intellectbooks, 2017
This book offers rich insights into the news media’s role in the development of policy in Australia and explores the complex and interactive relationship between news media and Australian Indigenous affairs. Kerry McCallum and Lisa Waller critically examine how Indigenous health, bilingual education and controversial legislation were portrayed through public media, and they look closely at how Indigenous people were being excluded from policy and media discussion, as well as using the media to their advantage.

The Quantified Self The Quantified Self
Polity Press, 2016
In this groundbreaking book Deborah Lupton critically analyses the social, cultural and political dimensions of contemporary self-tracking and identifies the concepts of selfhood and human embodiment and the value of the data that underpin them.

Digital Labor and Prosumer CapitalismDigital Labor and Prosumer Capitalism
Palgrave Macmillan, 2015
In the digital age tasks are increasingly modularised and consumers are increasingly becoming prosumers. This volume, co-edited by N&MRC's Mathieu O'Neil, presents a critical account of the forces which shape contemporary subjects, networks, and labour practices.

Digital Sociology by Deborah Lupton Digital Sociology
Routledge, 2015
Deborah Lupton's new book Digital Sociology is essential reading for students and academics in sociology, anthropology, media and communication, digital cultures, digital humanities, internet studies, science and technology studies, and social computing.