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About Us

The News and Media Research Centre (N&MRC) advances public understanding of the changing media environment. N&MRC is Australia’s nationally recognised research centre for the study of news media industries, audiences and public discourse. At a time of epistemic crisis for the media industries, we research and advocate for a media system that builds trust, inclusivity and diversity, to defend and repair the social fabric.

Established in 2013 and positioned in the nation’s capital, the N&MRC is a national research hub with wide and deep connections across disciplines, industries, academic and public institutions. The Centre conducts foundational and applied research for the media, government and non-government sectors, and its work informs government policy in the areas of media regulation, misinformation, Indigenous affairs and public health.

The N&MRC is globally recognised as the home of the only longitudinal study of digital news consumption trends in Australia, through its Digital News Report: Australia.

The Centre includes ten core researchers and 26 Higher Degree by Research students, and is supported by a network of associate and adjunct members.

Our research is conducted across three broad themes. News and Media Policy Futures addresses pressing problems in media and communications policy and emerging possibilities in the news, media and broader creative industries. Audiences, Users and Publics investigates how people engage, understand and use media in their lives, while Media Practice and Social Impact explores the emergence and representation of issues through media practice and digital networks.

Located in UC’s Faculty of Arts and Design, the N&MC provides a strong educational foundation for the Discipline of Communication and Media Studies, and engagement with local communities, national and international policymakers.

For further information on the N&MRC, contact us at, or download our latest Annual Report.