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Our Team

N&MRC researchers conduct both critical and applied projects with partners and institutions in Australia and internationally. Click on their names for their full researcher profiles, qualifications, publications, grants and awards.

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N&MRC Members


Kerry McCallum
Research expertise: Changing media and social policy discourse.
Kerry McCallum is Director of the News & Media Research Centre. Her research specialises in the relationships between changing media and Australian social policy. She is the co-author of 'The Dynamics of News and Indigenous Policy in Australia' (Intellect, 2017), and is currently lead investigator on the ARC-funded project 'Breaking Silences: Media and the Child Abuse Royal Commission'. Kerry is is former President of the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association (ANZCA) and Member of the Australian Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS). She has implemented and administered complex change management processes at the faculty, university and national levels. From 2017-19 Kerry was UC's Academic Director (Dean) of Graduate Research, and member of the Australian Council of Graduate Research. This trajectory is supported and grounded by nearly a decade of previous professional experience working in federal parliament in political and media advisory roles.


Deputy Director, Engagement

Caroline Fisher
Research expertise
: Journalism, News Consumption, Political PR.
Caroline is an Assistant Professor of Journalism and a former reporter and producer for ABC News and Radio National and former ministerial media adviser to Anna Bligh.


Our Researchers

Glen Fuller
Research expertise: Media events, social media, media and enthusiasm.
Glen's research explores the relation between media and enthusiasm (affect); both in the context of technology, experience and the shifting composition of relations.


Kate Holland

Kate Holland
Research expertise: Media studies, public health and health communication.
Kate Holland is a Senior Research Fellow with the News & Media Research Centre. Kate’s research sits at the intersection of media studies, public health and health communication. She has led and collaborated on research projects examining news reporting and its impacts in relation to topics such as mental health, violence against women, obesity, alcohol and pregnancy and infectious diseases. Kate specialises in qualitative research methods including in-depth interviewing, focus groups, news framing, discourse and thematic analysis. She has also published on topics such as health humanities and research ethics. Kate has held grants from the ARC and the NHMRC. She was the recipient of an ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award DE140100100 (2014-2017) for the project ‘Mediating Mental Health: An Integrated Approach to Investigating Media and Social Actors’. Between 2009-2012 she held a Postdoctoral Fellowship with 'The Australian Health News Research Collaboration' between the Universities of Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne funded by the NHMRC. Kate has also worked on grants and consultancies for organisations such as the ACT City Renewal Authority, National Farmers Federation, Department of Communication and the Arts, Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education, ANROWS, Our Watch, Carers Australia and Emergency Media and Public Affairs.


Jee Young Lee
Research expertise: Digital inclusion policies, digital media and society.
Jee Young Lee is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the N&MRC and teaching postgraduate and Honours-level research methods at the School of Arts and Communication at the University of Canberra. She was awarded her PhD by the University of Canberra in April 2018. She is the Chief Statistical Analyst for the Digital News Report project and has developed a program of research in the fields of communication and media across diverse research methods and also different cultures with collaborations both within Australia and internationally. Her research focuses on social and cultural impacts of digital communication and technologies, including emerging digital excluded social groups in developed communities, digital engagement and digital trust among young people and growing technology adoption in emerging markets, such as Asia-Pacific regions, and its effects on individuals and societies.


David Nolan

David Nolan
Research expertise: TBC.
David Nolan is an Associate Professor in Communication and Media at the University of Canberra, where he teaches and researches in journalism and media studies. His work has been published in numerous international journals, including Journalism, Media, Culture and Society, Journalism Studies, Global Media and Communication, Journal of Intercultural Communication and Media International Australia.


Mathieu O'Neil
Research expertise: Adoption of causes and innovations in the online environment; environmental, health and political controversies; organisational communication; political economy of commons-based peer production; social movements and social change; social network analysis.
Mathieu is Associate Professor of Communication at the University of Canberra’s News & Media Research Centre, where he leads the Critical Conversations Lab. He is also Honorary Associate Professor of Sociology at the Australian National University, where he contributed the creation of the Virtual Observatory for the Study of Online Networks, a world leader in e-research and big data analytics. Mathieu conducts network and content analysis of the dynamics of environmental, health and political controversies, and of the adoption of causes and innovations in the online environment. He also researches the political economy and public policy dimensions of commons-based peer production, most recently thanks to a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan and Ford Foundations to investigate the co-production by of free and open source software by firms and communities (Critical Digital Infrastructure Fund, 2019-2020). His latest book is the Handbook of Peer Production (Wiley Media and Communication Series, in press). He founded the Journal of Peer Production in 2010 and the Commons Policy Council in 2020. His work has been published in Social Networks; the Journal of Peer Production; Réseaux; Information, Communication & Society; Organization Studies; and New Media and Society, amongst other edited volumes.

Contact: Mathieu.O'

Catherine Page Jeffery

Catherine Page Jeffery
Research expertise: Digital media and technological change; parenting cultures, and digital media use within families; moral panics and mass media framing of digital media use; teenagers' digital mass media use, and the intersection of gender, including perceptions about 'gendered' online practices such as 'drama' and cyberbullying, and sexualised self-representation.
Dr Catherine Page Jeffery is a Lecturer in Communication and Media at the University of Canberra. She completed her PhD in 2019 which examined parental anxieties, knowledges and practices in relation to their teenage children’s use of digital to media. Prior to academia she worked for Australia’s ICT research centre of excellence; and in cyber safety education and media regulation.


Sora Park
Research expertise: Digital inclusion policies, media industry studies.
Sora has written widely on the economics of television and other information industries. She is also interested in media user patterns in the digital media environment.


Yoonmo Sang
Research expertise: Digital culture, Media law and policy.
Yoonmo's primary research interests center on the intersection of new media technologies and the law and focus on the question of how socio-cultural and technological changes advantage and/or disadvantage different stakeholders. He brings his international perspective and cross-cultural research experience to the study of the intersection of new communication technologies and the law. He is on the editorial boards of three journals: Social Media + Society, Communication Law Review, and the Journal of Media Law, Ethics, and Policy Research, a journal of the Korean Society for Media Law, Ethics, and Policy Research. His previous positions include Assistant Professor at Howard University in Washington, D.C., Research Associate at the American Library Association’s Office for Information Technology Policy, Doctoral Research Assistant at the Technology and Information Policy Institute at the University of Texas at Austin, and Business Banker at Shinhan Bank in South Korea.


ECR Representative & N&MRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Kieran McGuinness


HDR Representative

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Dan Andrew


Professional Staff

Peta Sinclair - Research Coordinator