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Our Reports

N&MRC Annual Report

The N&MRC annual report comprises of information about the centre's research team, labs, projects, publications, events, engagement, and the year in review.

Information found in the annual report includes material framed around the centre's objectives and strategic plan.

Click to view our latest report 2019 N&MRC Annual Report

N&MRC Research Reports

The N&MRC produces various research reports yearly.

Our latest research reports can be downloaded by clicking on one of the titles below.

Please complete our online briefing request form to have a member of the N&MRC present on our research.

Australian Perspectives on Misinformation - launched November 2020

Podcast Trends and Issues in Australia and Beyond: Global Perspectives - launched October 2020

News and Wellbeing: Older Generations and News Consumption - launched September 2020

Local News Consumers - launched July 2020

Australian Regional Journalists: What they needs and how they see the future - launched July 2020

Digital News Report: Australia 2020 - launched June 2020

COVID-19: Australian news and misinformation - launched May 2020

Archived Reports