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Apr 18 2024

Culture and Creativity seminar – Soundtrails, locative audio & new narratives of places and people

Whether geared to performance, history, creativity or as cultural works, audio (as in voices, sounds and stories) has an agency in the site-specific listening experience like never before thanks to our mobile devices. Unlike traditional written narratives, or podcasts, mobile phone?mediated stories?can often be highly relational to our whereabouts and shaped and tethered over spaces and time. This makes them a particularly powerful vehicle for communicating culturally approved Indigenous stories and heritage. Join Hamish Sewell, as he discusses several narrative examples from the Australian based locative audio app, Soundtrails, some of the issues at play and the opportunities for creative storytellers now wanting to work in this field. Some of the SoundtrailsHamish has produced include “Goonoowigall,” “Freedom rides — Moree Baths,” “Moree Cemetery — Aboriginal Diggers,” “Portland — the Town that Built Sydney” and “Resisting Conscription in World War I.”All are welcome! BioHamish Sewell is the founder and co-director of the Australian-based locative audio app, Soundtrails. He is an award-winning radio documentary maker and his work has been broadcast in Australia, American and New Zealand. His writing has been shortlisted for the Queensland Premier's award, and he has worked as an oral historian with the National Library of Australia on most of their leading projects. He is currently in the latter stages of his PhD which investigates the role of locative audio in a field of competing forces.?  The Culture and Creativity Seminar Series is hosted by the Centre for Cultural and Creative Research (CCCR), Faculty of Arts and Design, University of Canberra. To discover upcoming seminars, please follow us on Facebook @uccccr, or Instagram and Twitter @uc_cccr. Alternatively, join our mailing list by emailing Any questions and accessibility requests please contact: 

12:30 - 13:30
Apr 23 2024

The Power of Images: How Visual Data is Transforming Our World

Join us for this insightful seminar delivered by Professor James Wang titled "The Power of Images: How Visual Data is Transforming Our World"Abstract:From the paintings that move us to the medical scans that save lives, images have the power to inform, inspire, and even heal. Distinguished Professor James Wang, a world-renowned expert in visual data analysis, takes you on a journey through the hidden world of images. He'll reveal how computers are learning to 'see' like we do – detecting patterns in medical images for faster diagnosis, guiding robots through complex environments, and even understanding the emotions that a piece of art might evoke.Prof. Wang's groundbreaking research explores how images speak to us on multiple levels. Discover how his work is teaching machines to decipher the language of visuals, potentially making them more in tune with human emotions. With fascinating examples and clear explanations, this talk will change how you perceive the vast amount of visual information that surrounds you.About the speaker:Prof James Z. Wang is the Distinguished Professor of Information Sciences and Technology at The Pennsylvania State University. He received his bachelor’s degree in mathematics summa cum laude from the University of Minnesota, and the MS degree in mathematics, the MS degree in computer science, and the PhD degree in medical information sciences, all from Stanford University. His research interests include image analysis, image modelling, image retrieval, and their applications. He was a visiting professor at the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University (2007-2008), a lead special section guest editor of the IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (2008), and a program manager at the Office of the Director of the National Science Foundation (2011-2012). He is on the editorial board of the IEEE BITS — The Information Theory Magazine’s special issue on Information Processing in Arts and Humanities (2022). He was a recipient of a National Science Foundation Career Award (2004) and Amazon Research Awards (2018, 2019, 2020).The event is brought to you by the Collaborative Robotics Lab at the University of Canberra and the ACM SIGCHI Chapter for Canberra.Please arrive by 5:30 pm for a 6:00 pm start. There will be Canapes and drinks before the event.

05:30 - 19:00
Apr 26 2024

Ana Key & the Underdogs, with nonbinarycode & Soarers

Ellero proudly presents Ana Key & the Underdogs performing with nonbinarycode and Soarers at the UC Hub on Friday 26th April.Formed in 2018, Ana Key & the Underdogs have quickly made their mark on the music scene, thanks to their cohesive sound and their dedication to creating original music. Led by the dynamic vocals of Ana Key and supported by Keith Joliffe on bass, Ole Nielsen on guitar, and Steve Deakin on drums, this band knows how to rock the stage. They're not just putting the S into punk; they're crafting a genre all their own by blending rock, new wave, blues, and comedy into an electrifying musical experience. Ana Key is a powerhouse vocalist with prolific song-writing experience, demonstrated by five albums of original music. To add to this, her band’s talent hasn't gone unnoticed, with awards in song-writing to their name, including a second place for Best Australian Song in 2015. They have performed in a multitude of exceptional venues and spaces including GIO Stadium, The Goulburn Blues Festival in 2019, and the 10th Raised Glass Mini Festival also in 2019. Their simple yet sensational musical grooves, paired with intelligent and funny lyrics, create an atmosphere of pure entertainment not to be missed.Formed in April 2019 by InkBits (they/them) and The Hardman (he/him) , a multi-talented musician and music producer, nonbinarycode has evolved into a full band experience, with Sorrento (they/them) on bass and Racso (he/him) on drums. Each member brings their own flair and passion to the stage, creating a dynamic and engaging performance that keeps audiences hooked from start to finish. But nonbinarycode isn't just about the music—it's about inclusivity, representation, and advocacy. Through their lyrics, they explore themes of identity, love, and resilience, offering a voice to those often unheard in mainstream media. And beyond the stage, they actively advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights, mental health awareness, and social equality, using their platform to amplify marginalized voices and inspire others to embrace their true selves.This will be the 2nd show for the Soarers in 2024 after some time working behind the scenes since first emerging in early 2022. With a full set of new original songs, they are more prepared than ever to reach new heights and deliver a refreshing take on the Hard & Alt Rock scene. The band is led by front man Aiden Ellero, a powerful and devoted singer, songwriter, and rhythm guitarist. He is joined by the talented and passionate members: Stephen Grbavac on lead guitar, Fateh Singh on bass, and Kyle Blane-Brown on drums. Come along for the ride to hear new and exciting music rising up from Australia’s capital.

19:00 - 22:30
May 26 2024

Dear Seattle - ‘idc’ Regional Tour

SUPPORTS: with Special Guests Late 90’s and DeadshowwsDEAR SEATTLE are taking to the motorways on a mammoth regional tour across Australia in 2024 off the back of their recent single ‘idc’. An instant modern-day grunge classic, Sydney indie mavericks DS return armed with the anthemic new single, out now via Domestic La La.Packed with fuzzy guitars, nostalgic rock nods and catchy melodics for days, ‘idc’ follows on from the quartet's recent upbeat outing ‘Nothing's Stopping Me Now’ with lashings of heart and a criminally catchy chorus primed for group singalongs.Produced by long-time Dear Seattle friend and producer Fletcher Matthews (Trophy Eyes, The Buoys, STUMPS), ‘idc’ cuts a sharply fun figure, with the latest track ultimately starting life as a joke, springing to life at the end of an extensive writing session. "idc started out as a joke," shares guitarist and vocalist Brae Fisher. "Our producer Fletcher and I had spent almost a month writing a song every day, and I think we both went a bit loopy and needed to blow off some steam. I was actively trying to write the worst lyrics I could for the chorus, which is where the line “write a chorus rhyme it with nirvana came from”... and we were just laughing the whole session. Annoyingly the song itself and the melodies turned out to be sick and our whole team loved it. The more I listened to it though, the more I realised how much I loved it’s message, namely that I need stop taking myself so seriously all the time, sometimes it’s nice to just be a dumb kid again.""Nowadays we’re constantly being polarised, judged and becoming more and more detached from each other in the process. It sucks. Life is tough. It gets expensive, it’s constantly demanding, and we’re surrounded by so much negativity that it’s hard to find the motivation to put on pants in the morning, so whatever you need to do to make it that little bit easier, just do it." Tickets to the ‘idc’ tour are on sale now, catch Dear Seattle throughout May, June & July.

19:00 - 23:30

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