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Aug 16 2022

Guardians of Democracy? On the Response of Civil Society Organisations to Right-Wing

Abstract: In this seminar I will talk about the role civil society organizations (CSOs) play in counteracting right-wing extremism. Drawing on central strands in the defending democracy literature, I introduce a typology to classify the responses of CSOs to right-wing extremism. Using this typology as a point of departure, I present findings from two case studies exploring how local CSOs in the Swedish town of Ludvika responded to the foremost neo-Nazi movement in the Nordic countries, namely the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM). My findings indicate that CSOs serve as bulwarks against right-wing extremism at least during politically charged situations and that CSOs respond differently to right-wing extremism.  Humanitarian and social service organizations appear slightly more inclined to engage in dialogue and protest compared with sports and recreation organizations and culture organizations. I raise the question whether bridging organizations may be more willing to respond to right-wing extremism and to use dialogue and deliberation compared to bonding organizations.The seminar is based on two articles:Lundberg, E. (2021). Guardians of democracy? On the response of civil society organisations to right-wing extremism. Scandinavian Political Studies, 44(2), 170-194.Lundberg, E. (2022). Different Types, Different Reactions? How Civil Society Organizations Respond to Right-wing Extremism, forthcoming inVOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations.

17:00 - 18:00
Aug 20 2022

Health and Science Dinner Cruise | University of Canberra

Ahoy, Matey! All hands are on deck to join us on the high seas of Lake Burley Griffin. We are beyond excited to announce the University of Canberra's first-ever Health and Science Cruise! ? The University of Canberra's Supporting Women in STEM Society (UCSWIS), the Canberra Student Pharmacy Association (CaSPA), the Canberra Rural Allied Health and Nursing Collective (CRANC), and the Optometry Society (UCOS) have come together to welcome our member's on-board for a night of awesome food??, amazing music??, and outstanding company??. This night on the seas will feature... Three hours of sailing time on the MV Southern Cross ? A premium two-course dinner (main-course and dessert) A photographer to capture the night A night full of awesome tunes ...and more to be announced soon! Please note that beverages can be purchased on the boat at an additional cost. Tickets are unfortunately extremely limited so get in quick before they all sail away! MEMBERS TICKETS $40 (valued at over $70) NON-MEMBERS TICKETS $50 (valued at over $70) Each of our host clubs and societies has been allocated a specific number of tickets for their members. The University of Canberra's Supporting Women in STEM Society (UCSWIS) The Canberra Student Pharmacy Association (CaSPA) The Canberra Rural Allied Health and Nursing Collective (CRANC) The University of Canberra's Optometry Society (UCOS) Non-members can purchase their ticket here: The dress code for the event is smart casual. The boat will be picking us up and dropping us off at the Southern Cross Yacht Club located at Lotus Bay, Mariner Pl, Yarralumla ACT 2600.

18:00 - 21:00
Aug 30 2022


Book Description:Around the world, we see failing attempts at migrant integration, persistent religious intolerance and racial and ethnic discrimination, resurgent national minorities, emboldened majorities, permanent minorities, continuing social isolation, and increasing extremism, including in the form of white nationalism. But is multiculturalism the solution to these problems or does it just make them worse? In this for-and-against book, two prominent scholars of multiculturalism put forward different answers to this important question. While Patti Tamara Lenard argues for minority rights as both the consequence of a right to culture and a way to redress the effects of nation-building, Peter Balint rejects minority rights altogether, instead arguing for a re-imagined liberal neutrality.Author Bios:Dr Peter Balint is a Senior Lecturer in International & Political Studies at UNSW Canberra. His research is primarily focussed on the principles for diversity, including respect, toleration, neutrality, and social cohesion. His books include Debating Multiculturalism: Should There be Minority Rights? with PT Lenard (Oxford University Press, 2022), and Respecting Toleration: Traditional Liberalism and Contemporary Diversity (Oxford University Press, 2017), which was awarded an APSA CRISP Prize in 2018. His current projects include an ARC project on ‘Democratic Resilience and the Public Sphere’. He has held Visiting Fellowships at The University of Manchester (MANCEPT), The University of Ottawa, The Morell Centre for Toleration (University of York), and CAPPE (Australian National University). In 2010-11 he was awarded a Senior Research Fellowship at The Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main on the project 'Justitia Amplificata. Rethinking Justice - Applied and Global'. He is a founding member of the Global Justice Network, and a regular editor of their journal, Global Justice: Theory Practice Rhetoric. Patti Tamara Lenard is Professor of Ethics in the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Ottawa.  She is the author of Trust, Democracy and Multicultural Challenges (Penn State, 2012), How should democracies fight terrorism? (Polity Press, 2020), Debating Multiculturalism (with Peter Balint, Oxford University Press, 2022), and Ordinary Citizens, Extraordinary Actions, a case-study of St. Joseph’s Parish’s refugee outreach committee (with With Stéfanie Morris, Karina Juma, and Meredith Teretta, University of Ottawa Press, 2022).  She is active in the fields of political theory of migration, counter-terrorism, and democratic theory more generally.  In Ottawa, she runs a community organization called Rainbow Haven, which sponsors, settles and advocates for LGBTQ refugees:

11:00 - 13:00
Sep 2 2022

Noah Dillon @ UC Hub

Fremantle/Walyalup singer-songwriter Noah Dillon announces his debut album, biggest ever national tour, and shares a new single and video for ‘Nothing Matters’. Following the April release of ‘Drifting Apart’ the second take from his forthcoming LP, has all the early ‘90s tinged indie-rock elements that Dillon is known for. ‘Nothing Matters’ was written about being in a love bubble with a partner and the feeling that nothing can bother you while you're in that realm. Dillon had written the track after being inspired by UK group The Magic Gang who, like Dillon, bridge the gap between early ‘90s aesthetics with a new pop intention. The track is filled with lush instrumentation and vocal arrangements that are irresistibly catchy and memorable, with rich guitar, bass and drum syncopation that keep the song floating along with a carefreeness that is infectious. The anticipated release of his debut album, Kill The Dove, out August 12th via Dew Process and Universal Music Australia is just the beginning for Dillon. He sees the album as the first stepping stone in a long-lasting musical career and something that he's been planning for since he wrote his first song at age 16. That narrative for Dillon has never changed during that time either. He’s always found writing about the specific – his own relationships and interactions – has produced a universal appeal that has assured him that he’s on the right path as an artist and a creative force.“It’s a bit of a coming of age record,” says Dillon of his debut LP, “I was figuring out who I am while writing the record. Having a real clear vision of what I wanted to do with my life, and then having two and a half years not being able to travel was a minefield to get around. I’ve never been good at staying still. I’ve always been moving, still’s never been good for me, so it’s been such a learning curve of three years of learning how to be peaceful. When I go back to this record I’ll be able to hear where I was and how far I’ve come” Across the 12 songs on Kill The Dove (produced by Andy Lawson) Dillon shows his capability to express a broad spectrum of sounds and shades. From effervescent, boisterous pop (‘Drifting Apart,’ ‘Drip Dry’ and ‘Nothing Matters’) through to tender, introspective moments (‘Comfort Is Not The Reason,’ ‘Who You Used To Be,’ ‘Hold Me In Your Arms’ and stunning album closer ‘Don’t Go Away’), it as an album that swerves into post-punk at times (‘I Can’t’) and even boasts a collaboration with international indie punk Queen, Sarah Tudzin of Illuminati Hotties – ‘Broken But It’s Working.’ Their teaming up is yet another example of how Dillon maximised the slow time in lockdown teaming up with the famed songwriter and producer over Zoom. Noah Dillon's electric live presence and ability to write songs that poignantly capture the human condition and spirit has earned him a wide range of praise in Australia and beyond. In 2021 he signed with Dew Process, earned consistent national radio play for singles ‘That’s Just How I Feel’ and ‘Alive And Kicking’, and ticked off a bucket list item, performing triple j’s Like A Version. Dillon and his band have wowed audiences across the country in recent years with headline tours and support slots for the likes of Holy Holy, San Cisco, Spacey Jane, and Teenage Jones. They are now about to embark on their biggest headline tour to date, hitting 12 dates across Australia in August and September. The new single ‘Nothing Matters' by Noah Dillon is out now, with his debut album Kill The Dove out Friday, August 12 via Dew Process and Universal Music Australia. 

20:00 - 23:45
Sep 10 2022

Keli Holiday @ UC Hub

If you had to describe Adam Hyde in one word, the word that would probably come to your brain the quickest is 'fun'. As one-half of Peking Duk, Hyde has been behind some of Australian electronic's most lively and festival-ready records of the last decade, and on the live stage, the duo - the other half made up from Reuben Styles - are always capable of taking the energy up to 110%, regardless of whether it's in the form of a headline show or in the early afternoon of a US festival, where only a handful of people likely know their names.Born after an extensive North American tour with Peking Duk, Keli Holiday came after Adam began experimenting with music of his own, music as inspired by acts like New Order and Joy Division as it was by the more dance-focused acts Peking Duk are often listed alongside. In the burst of inspiration, he carved out 12 tracks in just four weeks - which you'll be hearing on a forthcoming debut album, still to be announced - sharing them with Golden Features' Thomas Stell who then forward it onto The Presets' Kim Moyes; both adding their own flourishes and touches to the work, making it what it is now.We Don't Have To Know was a brilliant note to kick everything off; one that really seems to amplify what Adam Hyde wants to bring through Keli Holiday. There are bursts of Hyde's signature high-energy charm - I don't think that's something you can ever take away from his work - but it's warped and morphed around this kind-of dance-rock backing, almost like a modernised LCD Soundsystem with a bit of a heavier dance music emphasis. For many (seemingly including Hyde himself), it offered a source of escapism, and an opportunity to venture away when you were stuck in the walls of your home. Keli Holiday's second single Where You Feel, unveiled today, keeps that trend continuing. Those nods to classic acts like New Order and Talking Heads rear their faces again, with Adam's spirit meeting the talent of Alex Lahey, who adds a further dimension to the track's already quite layered sound. "I added the salt and she added the sugar. I recorded the guitar chords and it felt right, without an ounce of force - it all fell into place and felt right," he says on the track.Like much of Keli Holiday's material, there's a sense of freedom within Where You Feel which is capable of plucking you away from your worries, transporting you to the world it was made amongst - California's sun-soaked coast - even if you're thousands of kilometres away in real life. "Where You Feel is sweet Mexican cola in a song, it’s the sweat dripping from your cheeks, it’s day drinking in the streets of sunny California," he continues, talking about the refreshing euphoria you can feel within the song's backbone.

19:00 - 22:30
Sep 16 2022

Ngaiire @ UC Hub

NGAIIRE - Album Tour at UC Hub on Saturday 29 January 2022 has been rescheduled to Friday 16 September 2022.A message from the event organisers:"Due to the continuing uncertainty and in order to deliver the best show around the country Ngaiire has made the tough decision to postpone her album tour to August/September 2022. All tickets will be automatically transferred to the new dates, though if you are unable to make the new date refunds are available up until the 13th January.We look forward to getting around the country and seeing you all soon!"Your current tickets are automatically valid for the new date - if you can make it, no action is required on your end & we'll see you soon! 5 years in the making, Ngaiire is taking her third album ‘3’ around Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand to celebrate its August 27th release.  You can expect the signature vocals, beats and costumes that have seen Ngaiire receive countless awards including four National Live Music Awards, an FBI Radio SMAC Award and the inaugural Australian Women in Music Award for Artistic Excellence. Not to mention bringing her signature style to the stages of Glastonbury and Splendour In The Grass and tours alongside Sufjan Stevens, Alicia Keys and Leon Bridges. ‘3’, a deeply personal album, brings Ngaiire’s heritage as a Papuan New Guinean woman to the foreground, exploring the link between heritage and westernised existence.  “I am full to the brim of stories that many don’t have the privilege to hold within themselves; some I know quite well and some live deep in my DNA that I won’t have enough lifetimes to unpack. But the ones I know, I will tell how I want to because I can. So here is a collection of love letters to 3 entities - myself, my country and those I love both here and now departed.” - NGAIIREFor the first time, Ngaiire will be releasing ‘3’ in a limited edition vinyl. Pre-buy your copy now HERE

20:00 - 23:30

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