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Our Research Students


FA Photo

Fawzia Alosaimy

Thesis Title: Exploring the Use of Snapchat in Family Life in Saudi Arabia

Supervisory Panel: Glen Fuller, Sora Park, Scott Bridges


DA Photo

Dan Andrew

RTP Stipend Scholarship Recipient

Thesis Title: Selling the Audience: The role of advertisers in the audience marketplace

Supervisory Panel: Kerry McCallum, Glen Fuller


Nabeela Asghar

Thesis Title: Youth and Hate Speech: Role of Religious Leadership in Shia-Sunni Conflict

Supervisory Panel: Mathieu O’Neil, Tahmina Rashid


Sue Atkinson

Thesis Title: This research project is located in the field of strategic communications. It is focused on government crisis communication, specifically how governments engage with citizens using digital communication media and how citizens understand and 'trust' (or not) that communication and whether and/or how they act on it

Supervisory Panel: Kerry McCallum, Barbara Walsh, Jee Young Lee


Saffron Bianchi-Howden

Thesis Title: Reducing the impact of disinformation and misinformation: Innoculation vs factchecking

Supervisory Panel: Sora Park, Caroline Fisher, Jee Young Lee


Xiaolan Cai

Thesis Title: Open source smart city projects and impacts on civic engagement in Australia

Supervisory Panel: Mathieu O’Neil, Barbara Norman


Mona Chatskin

N&MRC HDR Representative

RTP Stipend Scholarship Recipient

Thesis Title: Malka Leifer in News Landscapes: Community engagement with mainstream and religious media practice in cases of alleged Jewish institutional child sex abuse in Australia

Supervisory Panel: Kerry McCallum, David Nolan


Paul Conroy

Thesis Title: The Media's Role in the Politics of Contemporary Serious Police Misconduct in Australia

Supervisory Panel: David NolanKate Holland, Kerry McCallum


Emma John

‘Breaking Silences’ Scholarship Recipient

Thesis Title: Different Voices: A critical discourse analysis of the ABC's coverage of Australia's Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

Supervisory Panel: Kerry McCallum, Caroline Fisher


Lidia Kelly

RTP Stipend Scholarship Recipient

Thesis Title: Capturing Crimea: Challenges and Constraints for Foreign Correspondents in Contemporary Territorial Conflicts

Supervisory Panel: David Nolan, Caroline Fisher, Kerry McCallum, Peter Putnis


Natalie Larkins

Thesis Title: Disconnect Between Normative Ideals of Journalism and Practice in Australia

Supervisory Panel: Caroline Fisher, Kerry McCallum, David Nolan


Lilik Mardjianto

Thesis Title: Mapping and Analysis of Disinformation and Fact-Checking in Indonesia

Supervisory Panel: Caroline Fisher, Kerry McCallum, Jee Young Lee


Kania Mayastika

Thesis Title: Designing Culturally Appropriate ESP Materials for Political Science Students in Indonesia

Supervisory Panel: Sora Park, Maya Gunawardena


Nadrah Nadrah

Thesis Title: The Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Teacher Professional Education Program (TPEP) for English Teachers in Indonesia

Supervisory Panel: Sora Park, Caroline Fisher, Yoonmo Sang


AP Photo

Anji Perera

RTP Stipend Scholarship Recipient

Thesis Title: Connecting the drops - connecting communities: beyond the boundaries of water literacy

Supervisory Panel: Sora Park, Mathieu O’Neil, Ross Thompson, Thomas Mollenkopf


SR Photo

Shara Ranasinghe

Thesis Title: Enhancing Patient-centred Cancer Communication during cancer treatment

Supervisory Panel: Kate Holland, Kasia Bail, Sora Park


PR Photo

Prue Robson

Thesis Title: Positioning Canberra: the effectiveness of place image communications in attracting residents to places facing unfavourable stereotypes

Supervisory Panel: Kerry McCallum, Cathy Hope, James Mahoney


SS Photo

Sonya Sandham

Thesis Title: It’s not noise: Employee voices in organisational discourses in an era of digital disruption

Supervisory Panel: Glen Fuller, Cathy Hope


Jing Su

N&MRC Stipend Scholarship Recipient

Thesis Title: Talking to a Bot is a turn off: users experiences of chatbot communication

Supervisory Panel: Sora Park, Jee Young Lee


Hang Tran

Thesis Title: Coverage of closing the gap framework’s implementation on major news sites in Australia 2008-2017

Supervisory Panel: Kerry McCallum, Sora Park, Wendy Somerville


Kathleen Veteri

Thesis Title: Negative Partisanship in Journalistic Reporting Relating to the 2019 Australian Federal Election

Supervisory Panel: Glen FullerCaroline Fisher


DW Photo

Danyi Wang

Thesis Title: Negotiating and Integrating Sociocultural Identities Among Chinese Immigrants in Australia

Supervisory Panel: Sora Park, Susan Thwaites


Shengnan Yao

Thesis Title: This research is focused on the multilingual users' trust in news media. And it will discuss how the language preference for multilingual audience in Australia when they consuming news, and how does that will influence their trust in news

Supervisory Panel: Sora Park, Caroline Fisher