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Our Research Students


FA Photo

Fawzia Alosaimy

Thesis Title: Exploring the Use of Snapchat in Family Life in Saudi Arabia

Supervisory Panel: Glen Fuller, Sora Park, Scott Bridges


DA Photo

Dan Andrew

N&MRC & FAD HDR Representative

RTP Stipend Scholarship Recipient

Thesis Title: Selling the Audience: The role of advertisers in the audience marketplace

Supervisory Panel: Kerry McCallum, Glen Fuller


Nabeela Asghar

Thesis Title: Youth and Hate Speech: Role of Religious Leadership in Shia-Sunni Conflict

Supervisory Panel: Mathieu O’Neil, Tahmina Rashid


Saffron Bianchi-Howden

Thesis Title: Reducing the impact of disinformation and misinformation: Innoculation vs factchecking

Supervisory Panel: Sora Park, Caroline Fisher, Jee Young Lee


Xiaolan Cai

Thesis Title: Open source smart city projects and impacts on civic engagement in Australia

Supervisory Panel: Mathieu O’Neil, Barbara Norman


Mona Chatskin

RTP Stipend Scholarship Recipient

Thesis Title: Cases of Alleged Jewish Institutional Child Sex Abuse in Australian Mainstream and Religious Media: Malka Leifer in News Landscapes

Supervisory Panel: Kerry McCallum, David Nolan


Paul Conroy

Thesis Title: The Media's Role in the Politics of Contemporary Serious Police Misconduct in Australia

Supervisory Panel: David NolanKate Holland, Kerry McCallum


Emma John

‘Breaking Silences’ Scholarship Recipient

Thesis Title: Different Voices: A critical discourse analysis of the ABC's coverage of Australia's Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

Supervisory Panel: Kerry McCallum, Caroline Fisher


Lidia Kelly

RTP Stipend Scholarship Recipient

Thesis Title: Capturing Crimea, Construing Hong Kong: Challenges and Constraints for Foreign Correspondents in Contemporary Territorial Conflicts

Supervisory Panel: David Nolan, Caroline Fisher, Kerry McCallum, Peter Putnis


Zorana Kostic

Thesis Title: Broadcasting Digitalization in Japan: The Case Study of the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) and its Role and Regulatory Practice between 2000-2020.

Supervisory Panel: Kerry McCallum, Caroline Fisher


Natalie Larkins

Thesis Title: Disconnect Between Normative Ideals of Journalism and Practice in Australia

Supervisory Panel: Caroline Fisher, Kerry McCallum, David Nolan


Kania Mayastika

Thesis Title: Designing Culturally Appropriate ESP Materials for Political Science Students in Indonesia

Supervisory Panel: Sora Park, Maya Gunawardena


AP Photo

Anji Perera

FAD HDR Representative

RTP Stipend Scholarship Recipient

Thesis Title: Connecting the drops - connecting communities: beyond the boundaries of water literacy

Supervisory Panel: Sora Park, Mathieu O’Neil, Ross Thompson, Thomas Mollenkopf


SR Photo

Shara Ranasinghe

Thesis Title: Enhancing Patient-centred Cancer Communication during cancer treatment

Supervisory Panel: Kate Holland, Kasia Bail, Sora Park


PR Photo

Prue Robson

Thesis Title: Positioning Canberra: the effectiveness of place image communications in attracting residents to places facing unfavourable stereotypes

Supervisory Panel: Kerry McCallum, Cathy Hope, James Mahoney


SS Photo

Sonya Sandham

Thesis Title: Overflow: contending with employee voices in organisational discourse in an era of digital disruption

Supervisory Panel: Glen Fuller, Cathy Hope


Jing Su

N&MRC Stipend Scholarship Recipient

Thesis Title: Talking to a Bot is a turn off: users experiences of chatbot communication

Supervisory Panel: Sora Park, Jee Young Lee


Hang Tran

Thesis Title: A Qualitative Research on Framing of Australia's Online News Media in Representing Indigenous Australians' Stories between 2015 and 2020

Supervisory Panel: Kerry McCallum, Sora Park, Wendy Somerville


DW Photo

Danyi Wang

Thesis Title: Negotiating and Integrating Sociocultural Identities Among Chinese Immigrants in Australia

Supervisory Panel: Sora Park, Susan Thwaites