Congratulations to all our winners!

The UC Creative Competition has concluded for 2023 and we are excited to announce the winning entries. We’d like to thank all students who participated this year and our judging panel who had the toughest role in awarding prizes due to the high calibre of entries.

Thank you to our partners at Adobe for the amazing prizes. We would also like to thank Edii for providing an additional prize to the People’s Choice Award.

Congratulations and well done to all our winners and participants!

You can still view all entries in our 2023 online gallery.

2023 Winners

Category winners

Anum Ismat Faisal
Creative Writing, Gungahlin College - Year 12

Smell The Dew

The main themes for this story are the effects that language and homesickness have on the process of accepting a new life, an event prevalent in many stories of immigration. This story works around the beginning moments of an immigrant in their new country, when all one wants is to disregard the present and go back to the comfort of the past.

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Lojine Ghanem
Landscape Architecture, Burgmann Anglican School - Year 12

Revitalisation of City Walk

I was tasked with revitalising a section of City Walk. The urban space incorporates a range of biodiversity and equitable access within the design to make the area vibrant and inclusive. I wanted to focus my resources on embedding biodiversity within the urban space and creating paths tailored to pedestrians, cyclists, and the disabled community. These paths are crucial to the design, to direct the community to areas to socialise and gather. I have also included a range of street furniture, which is crucial in promoting City Walk to its demographic (10-39 years old).

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Anson Mak
Journalism/Sports Media, Abbotsleigh - Year 12

Cycle of Life

A reconsideration of grief, old DVDs and bicycles, as a discussion alongside 'time'. My 3 personal essays record my experiences and generational, familial struggles in relation to the literature and media I have come across, from the painful to the mundane. I list the essays 'Let Us Redefine Grief (As it Redefines Us)', 'Right Place, Wrong Time' and 'Is it too late to learn how to bike?' in reverse chronology from my most recent piece, because why not anachronism?

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Bianca Handel
Industrial Design, Canberra Grammar School - Year 12

Assistive Communication Abacus (ACA)

The ACA was designed in response to the lack of educational products that focus on alternative means of communication that aren’t technologically reliant, as well as increased rates of a condition known as Alexithymia in neurodivergent children. The ACA features a storage box with coloured boxes that are used to store the various bead designs. To communicate, the child or adult moves the beads along the brass rod to correspond with a level of pain, noise, or emotion. These tiles are interchangeable, as are the beads, which is important for maintaining personalisation and engaging children.

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Summer Tosi
Applied Fashion, Northern Beaches Secondary College Freshwater Senior Campus - Year 12

Ephemeral Coral

For my HSC textiles major work I created a haute couture dress and bolero. By utilising creative and innovative techniques of freehand machine embroidery, reverse bobbin couching, beading and heat set shibori. I was inspired by coral reefs across Australia and the climatic condition of coral bleaching. Corals are sensitive to global warming, as rising sea temperatures trigger bleaching events. I have emulated this in my design by creating both colourful and colourless coral. I also used the opportunity to create not only a visually beautiful dress, but one that also makes a social statement.

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Subcategory winners

Marketing Communication / Corporate and Public Communication

Josephine Sander - Dove Campaign

Journalism / Sports Media

Anson Mak - Cycle of Life

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Landscape Architecture

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