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Important Information: COVID-19

The University of Canberra continues to monitor the unfolding Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak to ensure that we respond effectively and appropriately in the best interests of our staff, students and broader university community. These are unique and challenging circumstances in a constantly changing environment of global significance, and UC is committed to providing our community with the best support possible.

For further information refer to Information, Documents and Forms "COVID-19" panel.

Workplace Health & Safety at UC

Managing Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) is an important component of contractor management at UC. UC has a broad array of WHS risks due to the variety of work that occurs across campus. Hazard types and workplace settings vary greatly and include: construction work, laboratories, workshops, hazardous chemical handling, radiation usage and infrastructure upgrades.

Emergency Contact Information

UCSAFE Commitments

UC is committed to:

  • The Health and Safety of all, (including: staff, students, contractors and visitors). UC subscribes to the principle of “UC SAFE” and expects all work to be performed with safety as the first priority.
  • Striving for environmental sustainability by managing all works in a manner that ensures risks to the environment are mitigated prior to any work commencing.
  • Complying with the Work Health and Safety Act and Regulation, and all other relevant legislation, regulations, codes of practice and national standards.

Contractor Requirements

To ensure UC remains a “UC SAFE” workplace and also meets its WHS Duty of Care, UC requires contractors to abide by the following:

  • UC SAFE - Safety is always your first priority.
  • Comply - with all UC Procedures and contractual requirements
  • Plan - Design and implement a safe system of work for every task performed
  • Risk Assess - Identify all hazards, evaluate the likelihood and consequence of these and then develop effective control measures.
  • Right Tool for the Job - Provide workers the proper and safe equipment and substances to perform any task
  • Trained and Licensed - Provide adequate instruction, training and supervision of all workers

To ensure this occurs, UC require that prior to performing any work at UC, all persons shall complete the Online Induction. The UC induction will advise contractors, their staff and sub-contractors of their obligations and also in cases of high risk work, direct the contractor to UC procedural documents with a more thorough explanation of UC requirements. The induction and associated procedures and forms are available here on the Contractor Portal.

New to Site:

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External links: - CM3 accreditation - Online site induction

Information, Documents and Forms

Getting started at UC

1. CM3

All companies working at UC must be CM3 accredited with the exception of design consultants prior to commencing work at UC. The cost for CM3 varies between $200-$800 depending on your company risk profile, this cost is to be covered by the contractors.

CM3 is a web based WHS prequalification system, developed so that you can demonstrate your health and safety capabilities to current and potential clients. CM3 prequalification consists of checking you have the right insurances as well as a comprehensive assessment of your safety systems.

New to CM3 - Follow the link to process your registration and get started.

Existing CM3 contractors – provide your company ABN to your UC representative who will send you through an invitation to join CM3@UC.

2. Inductions

Who needs to do an induction - ALL Contractors including those who have completed the paper version must do the Online Induction as priority.

How do contractors access the induction? – Contractor companies registered through CM3 have already been sent an invitation to purchase seats. Each company purchases a number of seats which enables individual employees to complete the induction.

What is my Induction Code? - Individual employees will need to confirm with their office if they have ‘purchased’ an induction seat and get their companies unique induction code which they will need to complete the induction online. Contractors then simply visit the online induction portal through the following link:

Subcontractors -

Contractors that engage or hire subcontractors must have a legally binding agreement and shall advise the University of their engagement. Any subcontractor prior to commencing any work within any of our sites at the University of Canberra, must undertake a contractor site induction and review the University of Canberra Contractor Induction Video.

3. Signing In & Out and Keys - Contractors MUST sign in & out daily or whenever they leave campus. This includes contractors who are completing works outside of buildings such as on the roads, pathways or grounds. Sine Pro is the UC sign in system and is to be used by all contractors (located on tablet at 16C, desktop at Security office and contractors can download the free SinePro app), it is a simple and easy tool which will step you through the registration/sign in and sign out process. Limited keys are available from Building 16C and the Security office so please plan this accordingly.

Message from Campus Estate

We appreciate there is a lot of information now available on the risks associated with exposure to COVID-19, and in particular for our building and maintenance work-sites. The University would like to seek your assurance that whilst attending to works at UC or on UC facilities, that you are managing your workforce and will be abiding by the current law which requires you to -

  1. Provide and maintaining a work environment without risk to health and safety, and
  2. Provide and maintaining adequate facilities for workers in carrying out their work.

We note the Master Builders Association (MBA), Work Safe Australia and Housing Industry Association (HIA) to name a few, have prepared informative guidelines that may assist with your updated Workplace Safety Management Plans. These should updated to reflect this pandemic.

UC takes WHS seriously and will be pleased see a copy of your SMP’s or to discuss your concerns and issues at any time.

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