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Current Projects

The University of Canberra has a vision to create comfortable, attractive, safe and technology-enabled spaces and residences to foster an enriched environment for living and learning. We will continue to invest in new and refurbished infrastructure that fosters high-quality, collaborative and enriched educational and research experiences.

We are also working hard to transform the physical and functional environment of UC's Canberra campus into a unique realm that serves as a connected hub for our worldwide activities supported through our Campus Development program and our vision for The Educated Life.

Find out more about our current projects below.

A new Biomedical Research Laboratory for the Faculty of Science and Technology in Building 3, Level D will provide a modern integrated facility that will enable  high quality research, refreshed staff accommodation and improved facilities to engage with industry and the professions.

The project includes 650m2 of laboratory space and 300m2 of office space. Independent 24/7 building services will allow the laboratory to operate in isolation from the rest of Building 3, providing additional utility and electrical security to active research projects.

The University of Canberra has appointed construction company IQON Pty Ltd to undertake the fit-out works for the Biomedical Research Laboratory.

Works are currently scheduled to finish in late July 2018.

Construction Progress as of 14 June

Building 3 Progress

Building 3 Progress2

Construction is nearing completion  to deliver new workshop laboratories and studio spaces in Building 7 for students in the Faculty of Arts & Design. The design purposefully projects creativity and innovation through the use of careful materiality choices that are authentic to the buildings' industrial form. The authentic design holds hidden clues to the history of Building 7 with exposed sections that intentionally allow a user to see through the buildings structural elements. The new spaces include updated studios that support discrete and modern technologies and state-of-the-art laboratory spaces including a Digital Fabrication Lab and Laser Cutting Lab.

Construction Progress as of 16 April 2018

Building 7 Facade 16 April 2018

Building 7 Interior 16 April 2018

Building 7 Interior2 16 April 2018

Canberra Specialist Medical Centre 3D RenderFollowing an initial announcement in 2016, the University has finalised its agreement with Integrated Clinical Oncology Network (ICON) and Queensland-based Cornerstone Building Developments (CBD) to develop an Integrated Cancer Care Facility on campus.

ICON Integrated Cancer Centres bring together medical oncology, haematology, radiation oncology and pharmacy to deliver a true end-to-end service for patients. Integrated centres deliver all aspects of a patient’s cancer treatment at the one site, from diagnosis to making a patient’s chemotherapy, providing onsite pharmacy support and giving treatment for radiation and/or chemotherapy.

The Radiation Oncology Centre will increase the availability of radiation and medical oncology services in the ACT and surrounding region, while also providing significant training and research opportunities for some of the University's staff and students.

The facility will enable students to undertake clinical placements in a range of disciplines, including nursing, diagnostic pathology, and pharmacy degrees.

Academic staff and research students will be able to collaborate on service provision and undertake research activities across different areas, including medical oncology, radiation oncology and chemotherapy.

The three-level building will be constructed and owned by CBD and will include two levels for ICON’s operations, and additional tenancy and specialty suites. The University will also be a tenant and include provision of a student-led clinic and research into allied health treatments, complementary to ICON’s treatment services.

Construction Progress as of June 2018

Frequently Asked Question

How long will construction take?

Construction of the facility will take approximately 12 months.

Where is construction taking place and what parts of campus will be affected?

The facility is being constructed on part of the existing car park 17, located adjacent to Building 27. Roads within the vicinity of the construction site, such as Allawoona Street, will be subject to periodic works. Campus users will be notified of any temporary traffic changes ahead of time.

Where can I park during construction?

A temporary 200-space replacement car park has been constructed as an extension to Car Park 4, at the roundabout entrance just off Haydon Drive, near the Sporting Commons and is now open to campus users.

Permanent replacement car parking will be constructed for campus users’ convenience adjacent to the Health Hub (Building 28).

What are the long term traffic impacts along Allawoona St?

The University will be undertaking a number of estate works as part of traffic flow improvements to Allawoona St. A redesign will be undertaken to car parks 17 and 28 (Health Hub) to improve the queueing arrangements. This will improve the speed which cars are able to enter the Health Hub and reduce on-road disruption.

The construction of the University of Canberra Hospital and road extension (Pantowora St) will also provide permeability in the road network, providing additional options for vehicles entering and exiting the campus. In addition, the road works include modifications to the phasing and sequencing of existing traffic lights at the Ginninderra Dr intersection to provide greater capacity for the turns and intersection clearance.

The overall design of estate works acknowledges the intent for Allawoona Street including traffic volumes and function of the wider network.

How will queueing into the Health Hub car park be affected by the replacement car park?

In designing the replacement car park, traffic queueing and congestion issues along Allawoona St and entry and exit into the existing Health Hub car park have been considered as part of the overall design. The current boom gate entrance will be reconfigured to allow for a longer queueing distance within the boundary of the Health Hub car park. In addition, the existing exit lane will become a secondary entry point, directly entering the new section of the car park. Two new exit lanes will be created further along Allawoona St to improve traffic flow along this road as well as exit congestion. These solutions combined create opportunities to further reduce queueing that occurs on Allawoona St during peak traffic flow periods in the mornings and afternoons.

Will construction disrupt lectures and tutorials?

Construction will not disrupt teaching, learning or general operations of the University. With the exception of car park 17, construction will not restrict access to or cause the closure of any campus facilities. Staff, students and campus’ users will be kept informed of any changes if needed.

Will construction disrupt traffic flow on campus?

There will be a slight increase in traffic on campus as a result of construction activity. However, it is not expected that there will be any significant disruption to the road network. Any temporary road closures will be communicated with campus users ahead of time.

What about noise?

The University does not anticipate noise being an issue during construction of the facility. If you become aware of any noise or disruptions, please contact the Campus Estate team.

How can I stay up to date on construction progress?

Information on the project will be available on the Campus Estate website. Regular updates will be offered to students and staff through the UC Bulletin. If you have a query relating to the project, please email

Enabling works are due to commence early April for the installation of in-ground services and utilities to the Canberra Specialist Medical Centre. The works will take place from the Ginninderra Drive entry to the campus and along Allawoona St to the boundary of the Canberra Specialist Medical Centre construction site. Some minor disruptions to traffic may occur during these works, however users will be notified of any major expected disruptions. Works are expected to be complete by late July.

The in-ground infrastructure will provide water, sewerage, electricity, storm water, communications and gas to the Canberra Specialist Medical Centre.

Works have commenced to provide in-ground site services to the boundary of the Health Cluster site. The Health Cluster site, located to the east of the University of Canberra Hospital (UCH) includes the Moran Aged Care and Early Learning Centre Facility, the University of Canberra Hospital Car Park (currently under construction) and a future health development site.

The in-ground services will include water, sewerage, electricity, storm water, communications and gas.

Perimeter fencing has been established around the construction area, which is located along Ginninderra Drive and down the new north-south entry road (Guraguma St) adjacent to the UCH.

Design development has commenced for Stage 2 of the refurbishment of the UC Medical and Counselling Centre (Building 1, Level B). Funding for both stages of the works have been provided through the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) 2017 and 2018.

Stage 1 - COMPLETED: Provides additional specialist consulting rooms, an expanded waiting area and improved disability access. This will provide flexibility between counsellor and doctor's rooms, optimisation of the Centre's multi-faceted operations and improve the user experience.

Stage 2 - UNDER DESIGN DEVELOPMENT: Following the completion of Stage 1, Stage 2 is expected to commence construction in late 2018. This will provide for a comprehensive refurbishment to the reception area, waiting room and primary treatment rooms, along with improved mobility access throughout the centre. Stage 2 is scheduled for completion by Semester 1, 2019.

Construction has commenced on the new Optometry Laboratory in Building 28 (Health Hub).

The new Optometry Teaching Lab will feature a large, multifunction tutorial room with state-of-the-art teaching and simulation equipment. The new laboratory will feature 16 'chair, stand and chart units' allowing mock optometry practice for simulation, examination and clinical research along with a Special Instruments Room.

New clinical/consulting rooms and an associated reception will also be developed as part of the broader vision that provides students studying the new Bachelor of Vision Science or Master of Optometry the opportunity to undertake practical, clinical experience on the UC campus as part of their course. Student-led low-vision clinics operating from these new spaces will provide additional services to the community via the Faculty of Health Clinics. This development continues UC's vision to provide an exceptional and authentic student experience, as well as supporting improved health care for residents in the local and regional community.

Design for the upgrade of the Student Centre (Building 1, Level B) has commenced. Funding for the works have been provided through the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) 2018.

The Project will upgrade existing facilities and infrastructure of the Student Centre to improve the current waiting area, Foundation Lounge and adjacent courtyard. These works will include extensive access to power and USB charging points and the addition of spaces designed for individual or small group work across a number of different furniture formats. This project also includes upgrades to the Q-Flow ticketing system, bringing enhanced functionality when accessing Student Centre services.

The project includes:

  • 30x cafe style seats with tables within the Foundation Lounge
  • Fixed joinery, with provision for 27 stools, each with power and USB charging points
  • 11x two person study booths, each with power and USB charging points

The Project is scheduled for completion by September 2018.

UCPH Hospital update

The University of Canberra Hospital: Specialist Centre for Rehabilitation, Recovery and Research (UCH) comprises 140 inpatient beds, 75 day places and additional outpatient services and will provide an environment solely focused on rehabilitation and support for those with chronic conditions, recovering from surgery, or with metal health issues to assist them to live successfully in the community.

The UCH will be Canberra’s third public  hospital and will be built on the University of Canberra campus in Bruce. The hospital will offer a range of rehabilitation services, support people in their recovery as well as provide targeted clinical services for older people and people with mental health issues. It will focus on supporting people in an environment that is specifically designed for rehabilitation, without the intense areas of surgery, an Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit. Clients will be supported to become more independent by addressing challenges and developing skills and resources to promote successful community living and an enhanced quality of life.

Features of the hospital include specially designed therapy and support spaces, including gyms, a hydrotherapy pool, kitchens and rehabilitation courtyards. In addition to this, ACT Health is partnering with the University of Canberra to provide a research and teaching facility. It will continue the ACT’s integration of clinical and teaching environments for the benefit of our current and future health care providers.

Commissioning of the new facility is underway and is due to officially open to the public mid-2018.

UCPH Carpark Render

Adjacent to the UC Hospital, the University has commenced construction of the University of Canberra Hospital (UCH) Car Park. With more than 500 car spaces over five levels, once complete the Car Park will service the Hospital and future building development planned in the vicinity by the Moran Health Group.

The public opening of the car park will coincide with operational commencement of the UCH in 2018. Additionally, an extension of Pantowora Street will be completed concurrently, directly linking the Health Precinct to the University Heartland.

Access to the work site will be undertaken via Pantowora St, with clearly marked signs highlighting the site entrance. Works on Pantowora St commenced in April 2018 and will continue for approximately 5 months, traffic may be impacted at times when using this thoroughfare however every effort will be taken to minimise impact to the normal functioning of the University during the construction period. Pathways linking the University to UCH will commence in June 2018.

Construction Progress as of 24 May 2018

UCPH Car Park progress

UCH Car Park Construction Progress