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Current Projects

The University of Canberra has a vision to create comfortable, attractive, safe and technology-enabled spaces and residences to foster an enriched environment for living and learning. We will continue to invest in new and refurbished infrastructure that fosters high-quality, collaborative and enriched educational and research experiences.

We are also working hard to transform the physical and functional environment of UC's Canberra campus into a unique realm that serves as a connected hub for our worldwide activities supported through our Campus Development program and our vision for The Educated Life.

Find out more about our current projects below.

6B45 is being refurbished into a new flat floor active leaning space. The design focuses on creating spaces for students to collaborate and work together with access to technology and display screens.

Features include:

  • 10 x 9 person tables with USB power, height adjustable tables, digital display and collaboration screens;
  • Pinboard and whiteboard surfaces at each table;
  • Two large projector screens;
  • Accessible design throughout the space and
  • Designed for comfort, acoustics and collaboration.

Works will commence in March with initial demolition followed by construction.

Concept Images

6B45 Render 1

6B45 Render 2

Building 5, Level C is being refurbished to provide new workspace accommodation for UC Professional Staff. Cox Architecture are engaged as Principle Consultants and through their sub-consultants, SixIdeas, undertook a consultation process with representatives of UC's professional teams to describe the way our teams function, and what we need for our work now and into the future.

Consultation feedback has led to the development of the "Our Space" design philosophy which directly speaks to UC’s lived experience: who we are; how we work; who we work with; what we need; and how we want to be positioned for the future.

Construction works have now commenced on site, with demolition currently underway. Works are expected to continue into September. For your safety, please ensure all instructions provided around the construction site are adhered to.

Concept Images

Scrivener Concept 1

Scrivener Concept 2

Scrivener Concept 3

Scrivener Concept 4

In 2020, a new student study space in Building 10 will provide students in this building with a place to study and relax around their classes and workshops. The project includes a refurbished space opening into the main foyer with meeting tables, study booths, study pods and a variety of flexible furniture. A new tea point will be added alongside access to power and USB charging points.

The project is currently in detailed design stage with works due to commence in 2020.

Building 10 study space render

The Building 11 lift is currently undergoing replacement. Demolition of the existing lift car, lift doors and other components is now complete, with works now commenced on the installation of the new lift car.

Building occupants and users should expect some disruption from these works as new guide rails are installed into the lift shaft (drilling into concrete) and cutting of door frames and opening shaft walls to suit the new door size. There will also be some movement of trades across floors during these works. Disruptions will be minimised where possible, but should be expected. We ask building users to please be mindful of the works in this location.

The new lift is expected to be up and running in November.

Located on the northern edge of the UC campus, opposite the University of Canberra Hospital: Specialist Centre for Rehabilitation, Recovery and Research, Moran Health Care Group, in partnership with the University will develop a 150-bed Aged Care Facility. The development, part of the University's Campus Development Program, the development will provide a mix of specially designed low and high care offerings, in a beautiful connected setting. In addition, the facility will include an integrated Seniors Day Respite Centre, Early Learning Centre for up to 150 places and NDIS apartments. 

The University is excited to have Moran partner with the University in this development that will bring benefits to both organisations. The development will support students studying and learning and the University with employment, work-integrated learning and clinical and education placement opportunities. It will also provide research opportunities for staff and students and engage closely on professional development and best practice.

Construction is scheduled to commence early 2020 and open in 2022.

Concept Images

Moran 1

Moran 2

A new space for the Ngunnawal Centre will open in 2019. The new space, located at the ground floor of UC Lodge will continue to support the Ngunnawal Centre in providing academic and pastoral services to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. The space will focus on providing a collaborative design that engages staff and students in a supportive environment.

Detailed design is currently underway for the Ngunnawal Centre, with the layout approved and the materials and finishes being refined. Construction and fit-out for the new space has commenced with the opening set for the end of 2019.

Interim Relocation:

From December 2018 the Ngunnawal Centre will be temporarily relocated Building 9, until its final move into the new UC Lodge location in 2019.

Concept Designs:

Ngunnawal Centre Concept Sketch 1

Ngunnawal Centre Concept Sketch 2


Our benefactor is a remarkable person whose vision for life is built on the strength of fundamental human values. The University of Canberra welcomes the significant gift of Dr Naren Chellappah OAM that will transform our Western Concourse and provide a lasting legacy for our community. The Sculpture is due to be installed mid-2019 between Buildings 5 and 8.


Dr Naren Chellappah OAM was born in Sri Lanka and spent his early years travelling and experiencing different cultures across Asia and Europe. His experiences led him to draw upon his spiritual beliefs which provided him strength and sustainability and a set of values for living in a diverse community.

In 1975, Dr Chellappah graduated in dentistry in London and undertook post graduate studies before going onto teach at the University of Singapore.  In 1990, Dr Chellappah migrated to Australia choosing Canberra as home for his family and to provide a protected lifestyle particularly for his children. He has since witnessed his family flourish in Canberra’s inclusive society. He is proud that his children are self confident individuals who understand, appreciate and respect the lifestyle choices made for their benefit.

In 2011, Dr Chellappah was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for services to the international community as a volunteer dental surgeon. Dr Chellappah seeks to give back to the community which has supported him through art and by sharing his human values that provided him with strength through his life’s journey.

Dr Chellappah's five fundamental values are:

  1. Truth - encompassing a quest for knowledge, discrimination in thought and action, self analysis, curiosity, honesty and integrity;
  2. Right Conduct - incorporating dependability, courage, duty, ethics, cleanliness, gratitude, leadership and respect;
  3. Love - encircling caring, sharing, compassion, dedication, devotion, generosity and forgiveness;
  4. Peace - including calmness, dignity, endurance, happiness, humanity, patience, self satisfaction, and reflection; and
  5. Non Violence - covering the psychological aspects and feelings of universal love, concern for all life, consideration of others, appreciation of cultures and religions, citizenship, social justice, respect for property and care for the environment.


In February 2016, research was undertaken to find a group of artists with strong reputations in public sculpture installations and particularly those who have exhibited in Canberra (and would therefore be familiar with the landscape). An invitation to express their interest was sent to the artists in January 2017 with the view that concept ideas would be considered in February that year. The commission for the installation was awarded in May 2017 to Geoffrey Drake-Brockman who best met the design criteria.

Geoffrey is a cybernetics artist who specialises in large-scale public installations. His autonomous robotic and optical artworks interact with audiences to bring about dynamic performances. The artist has an international reputation having exhibited works in London, New York, Singapore, Aarhus (Denmark) as well as closer to home in Melbourne, Perth, Melbourne and Canberra.

In Geoffrey’s own words, "My background in Computer Science informs on ongoing project to create automata - interactive, self-determined, expressive machines - that test distinctions between person and artefact. I seek to create works that are able to support unique, emergent, ongoing, dialogues between viewer and art object."

"I am fascinated by robot mythologies - popular stories about 'made beings' such as Pinnochio, Coppelia, and Frankenstein. My work crystallises from these mythic possibilities to create technological agents that are behaviourally free, deeply connected, and that dwell here, among us."

"In many of my works I include a reflective element - a mirror. This inclusion is deliberate, as I see every created being as a kind of mirror. The implication is that the relationship between creator and created is ultimately reciprocal. Via the precession of simulacra our creations reveal in us aspects of an 'inverse Pinocchio' – the real boy who wishes he was wooden."

The chosen design, ‘One’, is a self supporting triangulated monocoque that splits into 3 twisting arms of stainless steel that join in axial union at the apex and base. The exterior is mirror polished with internal surfaces painted in colours that represent ochre of the land. The installation is about 4.75 metres tall and 2.3 metres wide.


One Sculpture - Concept Drawing

One Sculpture - Human Scale Render

UC is leading a project, in collaboration with the Australian National University (ANU), to deliver Clinical Training Facilities (CTF) and Student Accommodation (SA) at Bega, Moruya and Cooma. The project is funded by the Australian Government via the Health and Hospital Fund Program Regional Priority Initiative and aims to support integrated and collaborative professional training opportunities for a range of health students in regional communities. All three Clinical Training Facilities will be located on Hospital land; at Bega's South East Regional Hospital, Moruya District Hospital and Cooma Hospital and Health Service.

These Projects aim to:

  • Engage closely with the region and provide facilities that support clinical training capacity for nursing & midwifery, allied health and medical students, including into non-traditional source primary care, community, private and other settings;
  • Provide a space allowing for the development of collaborative and interdisciplinary projects and contribution to research in the regions;
  • Facilitate collaborative working between UC, ANU and the local Hospitals in developing a multidisciplinary workforce to support the regions;
  • Engage closely with the local health workforce to provide opportunities for professional development and training;
  • Enhance engagement with the region in meeting the needs of the local communities; and
  • Boost regional and indigenous student participation in tertiary education health training. Construction works for Bega CTF, SA and Cooma CTF have commenced and are due for completion in the first half of 2020.Tenders have now closed for construction of Cooma SA and evaluation is underway. Moruya CTF and SA are continuing in concept design.

Bega Clinical Training Facility - Artists Perspective

Bega Clinical Training Facility

Bega Clinical Training Facility - Construction commenced

Bega CTF

Bega Clinical Training Facility and Student Accommodation - Artists Perspective

Bega Clinical Training Facility and Student Accommodation

Bega Clinical Training Facility and Student Accommodation - Construction commenced

Site banners Bega

Moruya Clinical Training Facility - Photo to be updated

Moruya Student Accommodation - Photo to be updated

Cooma Clinical Training Facility - Artists Perspective

Cooma Clinical Training Facility

Cooma Clinical Training Facility - construction commenced

Cooma CTF

Cooma Student Accommodation - Photo to be updated

Under the backlog maintenance scheme, Campus estate is completing a schedule of works to address a series of issues across the Bruce campus, all to be completed in time for semester 1 2020. These works include;

  • Fire Indicator Panel & Building Occupancy Warning system upgrade to buildings 3, 7 and 12.
  • Upgrades to Emergency and Exit Lighting for buildings 3, 12 and 27.
  • Combined security upgrade to the whole campus
  • Upgrades to Building 2 main lecture theatres lighting and AV systems
  • Electrical Main Switch Board (MSB) upgrades for Building 8
  • Rectification of non compliant car park boom gates across campus