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University of Canberra Hospital

The University of Canberra Hospital (UCH): Specialist Centre for Rehabilitation, Recovery and Research is now open. Students studying in the Faculty of Health will have classes in the new state-of-the-art Clinical Education and Research Centre (CERC) - the University's shared teaching and research space at the hospital.

UCH Main Entrance Hall

UCH is the largest purpose-built rehabilitation centre in the ACT and surrounding region, with capacity for 140 inpatient beds, 75 day places and additional outpatient services. As a sub-acute care facility, UCH provides a supportive environment for people needing rehabilitation or mental health care.

UCH features dedicated therapy spaces, including a hydrotherapy pool, therapeutic gyms and kitchens to promote independence. There is also outdoor spaces, including a rehabilitation courtyard and recreational areas. In addition, UCH  includes office space dedicated to the Faculty of Health (Level 2) and a Clinical Education and Research Centre (Level 1), a shared education space with ACT Health and other groups.

Clinical Education and Research Centre (CERC)

UC Hospital Clinical Education and Research Centre

The CERC on Level 1 (ground level) is a dedicated shared education space owned and operated by ACT Health. As part of UC’s collaborative partnership with ACT Health, UC has access to teaching in these education facilities alongside ACT Health and other education and community groups who will also utilise these modern clinical and meeting spaces. The CERC includes two physical skills labs (each with eight plinths and the ability to connect the spaces into one larger teaching lab), a multi-purpose teaching space, an eight-bed nursing model ward, clinical simulation labs with observation room and various tutorial rooms, meeting rooms and student break-out spaces. These spaces have been equipped with state-of-the-art teaching equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I store my belongings during classes?

There is ample provision for storage with individual lockers available in the CERC. These are free to use.

Where can I go if I have a break between classes?

The CERC has been purpose built with breakout spaces which can be used by students. This includes a student lounge with kitchenette facilities as well as break out study spaces. Please be respectful of your surroundings and ensure you do not leave behind any mess or belongings when you vacate a space, as these areas will also be used by members of the community and ACT Health.

Can I use the breakout spaces if I don't have a class?

Students are welcome to use the breakout spaces during the 8am-8pm Monday-Friday (excluding public holidays) opening hours of the CERC.

I really need coffee! Where can I go?

The Brindy Café is located in the main entrance hall of UCH which you can access via the CERC. When using UCH facilities, please keep noise to a minimum and be mindful this is a public space. The café also offers a range of food options is you're feeling peckish.

How do I contact Security?

UCH has its own Security team, their office is located just behind the Brindy Café. There are also multiple security help points located around the UCH. You can also contact UC Security on #2222 or 02 6201 2222.

How do I get to UCH?

There are a number of transport options to UCH. We suggest the following:

  • Walk: New footpaths are under construction from UC's main academic buildings to UCH. We suggest using these paths (which follow Pantowora St) and allowing at least 5-10 minutes to get between UCH and the main campus, depending on where you are walking from. UCH is approximately 600m from the main campus.
  • Bike: Cycling facilities are available at UCH and this is a great option for students. Storage lockers are available in the teaching spaces to store your cycling equipment. Bicycle racks are available at the entrances to UCH.
  • Park: Parking at UCH is reserved for UCH staff, patients and their visitors. If you have a class at UCH, we suggest parking in Car Park 7 (permit only) and walking to UCH.
  • Bus: Bus routes currently extend to Aikman Drive, close to UCH. Future routes toward the end of 2018 will extend directly to UCH. For more details please access the Belconnen Network Map or the Action Bus Network.
Is there accessible parking available for students?

There is free accessible parking at UCH available for students with a valid Australia Disability Parking Permit or a Temporary Australian Disability Parking Permit. These parks are available directly at the entrance of the Clinical Education and Research Centre as well as the multi-story car park. Please ensure your Disability Parking Permit is registered with the UC Security Office.

How long does it take to get to UCH from the main campus?

We have provided some guides below for average walking times depending on your location on campus. For context, the walk from the Refectory (Building 1) to the Boiler House Lecture Theatre (Building 14) is approximately a 6 minute walk (520m).


  • From Building 12, UCH is approximately a 5-6 minute walk (500m)
  • From Building 2 (at the northern end of the Concourse), UCH is approximately a 7-8 minute walk (650m)
  • From Building 1 Refectory, UCH is approximately an 8 minute walk (700m)
  • From Car Park 7, UCH is approximately a 4 minute walk (380m)
  • From Car Park 17, UCH is approximately a 7-8 minute walk (650m)


  • From Building 12, UCH is approximately a 2 minute cycle (500m)
  • From Building 2 (at the northern end of the Concourse), UCH is approximately a 3 minute cycle (650m)
  • From Building 1 Refectory, UCH is approximately a 3 minute cycle (650m)
Can I park at UCH if I have Clinical Placement on-site?

Students who have a clinical placement at UCH will be provided with an ACT Health proximity access card, which will provide you with access to Hospital parking while you are on placement, in the same manner as some other ACT Health sites.

Where are classes held?

Classes will be held in what is called the Clinical Education and Research Centre (CERC) at UCH. This is on the ground level of UCH. The CERC has a dedicated entrance to the right of the main UCH entry on Guraguma St (opposite the multistory car park). Students should access the CERC via this entrance so as not to disrupt general UCH operations.

How will I know if I have a class at UCH?

Check your student timetable via the MyUC Student Portal to determine if you have classes/workshops scheduled at UCH. Classes taught at UCH will use the "UCH" prefix in your timetable. For example, "UCH PSL2" is the room "UC Hospital, Physical Skills Laboratory 2".

When is the CERC open to students?

The CERC will be open from 8am - 8pm, Monday to Friday. The CERC will not be open on public holidays or weekends, unless classes are scheduled for that time.

Will there be access to the UC Wi-Fi Network?

Yes, the UC Wi-Fi network has been extended to the UCH and will be available to you. If you have already connected to the Wi-Fi on campus, you will automatically connect to the UC Wi-Fi network at UCH.

What teaching facilities are in the CERC?

The CERC is provisioned with state-of-the-art teaching spaces and equipment including:

  • An eight bed Clinical Skills Laboratory (Model Ward), each bed is equipped with integrated medical gases, TV screens and centralised connection through to a simulation system.
  • A Multi-Purpose Gym Space to support a range of disciplines and rehabilitation focused units.
  • Two x Physical Skills Laboratories equipped with modern AV technology and teaching equipment.
  • A Clinical Simulation/Observation Suite (one room focused on behavioural, counselling and interview skills and the other featuring an in-patient room with state-of-the-art clinical simulation equipment).
  • A series of expandable tutorial rooms and meeting spaces.
  • Breakout spaces for students with plenty of access to power outlets and a student lounge breakout space with television and kitchenette.
Are Hearing Loops available?

Infrared hearing loops are circulated throughout each of the teaching spaces.

I have a meeting with a UC staff member who has an office at UCH, how do I contact them?

There is a phone in the CERC at the entrance to the Faculty of Health Offices (the offices are above the CERC), just dial the staff members extension number to advise them you are here, and they will let you up.