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Hands-on learning

Our laboratories facilitate learning experiences that equip you with practical skills in your field of study. You won't just graduate with knowledge in your subject you will be able to implement it.

Faculties that utilise our state of the art laboratories include:

We host the latest specialist amenities for:

Our purpose built Building 27 houses state of the art laboratories with specialist equipment including;

  • Microscopy Teaching lab - supporting a range of undergraduate biomedical science classes that benefit from using an integrated digital microscopy teaching tool
  • Mega laboratory/general teaching lab - a modern 100 seater teaching laboratory used by chemistry and biochemistry undergraduate students undertaking a range of science related studies
  • Analytical chemistry teaching lab
  • Centre for Research into Therapeutic Solutions lab (CResTS) - containing equipment and facilities that support five research groups working within the disciplines of molecular virology, respiratory virology, epigenetic and transcription regulation, muscle proteomics and visual neuroscience.

The ESTeM Engineering lab is the new, dedicated teaching space for both electronics and network engineering. It promotes the use of high-end diagnostic and computer equipment to encourage both individual, group and project work.

The National Centre for Forensic Studies (NCSF) is a combined teaching and research facility. It consists of chemical analysis, microscopy and DNA amplification suites and an evidence room. In this centre you can;

  •  collect and examine trace evidence
  • perform environmental forensics, toxicology and forensic statistics
  • carry out specialised chemical and biological analyses.

The laboratories in Building 10A provide an authentic learning experience for undergraduate nursing students by mimicking the clinical environment. Nurse/patient interaction is emulated through the use of simulations such as manikins, part task trainers, silicone masks and role play. Workshops are structured around patient scenarios in which students must problem solve and competently perform nursing skills.

The nutrition lab in room 12A3 allows undergraduate, honours and postgraduate students to analyse and cook food and develop new food formulations. Tutorials and labs are designed to support students in undertaking real life work experiences to become competent nutrition experts.

The specialist pharmacy laboratories in building 27C enable you to gain practical experience in your field.

  • Pharmaceutical biotechnology laboratory allows you to isolate and identify microbes, perform chemical toxicity testing, create microbial culture growth (plates and small scale fermentations), and learn basic microscopy and molecular biology techniques (PCR, gels).
  • Pharmaceutical science laboratory teaches pharmaceutics dose formulation, manufacturing and quality assurance. It also allows for disintegration and dissolution testing, rheology, QC for solid dose formulations and small scale manufacture of pharmaceutics.
  • Multi-use 'clean' room is used to teach aseptic pharmacy dispensing skills (also via observation window). It is also a cell culture facility for mammalian cultures, facilitates cytotoxic toxicity testing and pharmacogenetics pre-PCR setup.
  • Preparatory laboratory is used for technical preparation and clean up after laboratory classes as well as chemical preparation by students, i.e. weighing chemicals, pH. Small scale autoclaving. Contains -80 freezer, -20  freezer, fridge and room temperature secure storage for reagents and consumables.

The Physiotherapy program utilises 5 different teaching lab spaces in building 12C and 3B. Two are set up for neuro and cardio interventions, utilising wide plinths and ward beds. One of these labs has fully operational oxygen, air and suction panels. Two new labs came online in 2014. They are set up with standard physio plinths. They have a camera over 1 cubicle for demonstration purposes as well as recording footage for later use.

The Sports and Exercise Science Discipline has multiple dedicated Sports Science research and teaching laboratories in buildings 12, 27 and 29; 

  • Anatomy and Physiology Laboratories provide a hands-on learning experience for undergraduate and postgraduate students from diverse backgrounds including exercise science, pharmacy, physiotherapy, nutrition and midwifery. This new facility provides the opportunity to work with anatomical specimens (including human cadavers) and is often the students first experience with the structural organisation of the human body, both at the surface and in depth. This leads to an appreciation of the three-dimensional structure of the human body. This facility also has capacity to accomodate anatomical research.
  • Laboratory 12B47 - Primarily a blood analysis laboratory containing equipment specific to sampling, measuring and analysing blood sugars and lactates including glucometers and an ISTAT blood analyser.  
  • Kinanthropometry laboratory - used in the comparative measurement and analysis of human size, proportion and composition in conjunction with performance, exercise and injury rehabilitation. 
  • Biomechanics laboratory - contains an in-ground Kistler force plate, Monark cycles, Lode bike, height jump apparatus, 50m running track, laptops, blood pressure monitors, Suunto Heart Rate monitors, Sensewear armband monitors and various sporting equipment utilised to simulate athletic performance for measurement.
  • Building 29 - Is shared with the Brumbies and the Canberra Capitals. It contains a Biomechanics laboratory which consists of Amti Force Plates, a Vicon motion capture system, electromyograhy  equipment, exercise prescriptive equipment and various resistance training equipment. Upstairs there is a physiology laboratory which contains an Environmental Chamber (that can simulate a variety of climatic/environmental conditions including temperature, humidity and altitude) in which subjects athletic performance under varied conditions can be measured and analysed. The lab also contains a variety of respiratory and cardio measuring equipment as well as a Velotron cycle system and high speed treadmill.