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Use of titles

Once graduated, an alum may begin to cite the appropriate title. For example:

  • Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Finance (BCommBnkgFin)
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering (BECompE)
  • Graduate Certificate in Regional and Local Government Management (GradCertRegLocalGovtMgt)
  • Graduate Diploma in Special Education (GradDipSpEd)
  • Master of Advertising and Public Relations (MAdvtPubRel)
  • Master of Applied Science (MAppSc)
  • Doctor of Environmental Design (DEnvDes)


  • Doctor of Education - EdD
  • Doctor of Legal Science - SJD
  • Master of Business Administration - MBA
  • Masters of Laws - LLM


Award Approved abbreviation
Associate Diploma AssocDip
Undergraduate Degree Dip
Degree of Bachelor B
Honours (Hons)
Graduate Certificate GradCert
Graduate Diploma GradDip
Degree of Master M
Doctor of Philosophy PhD
Doctoral Degree D
Honorary Hon
Associate Degree AD

Fields of study

Field of study Approved abbreviation
Accounting, accountancy Acc
Administration Admin
Advanced Adv
Advertising Advt
Applicable Applc
Applied science AppSc
Applied (in any context) App
Architecture Arch
Arts A
Auditing Aud
Banking Bnkg
Biology Biol
Building Bldg
Business Bus
Cartography Cart
Chemistry Chem
Clinical Clin
Coaching Coach
Commerce Comm
Communication, communications Comm
Computer, computing Comp
Conservation Conserv
Construction Constr
Corporate Corp
Counselling Couns
Court and Parliamentary Reporting CPR
Critical Crit
Cultural Cult
Curriculum Curric
Defence Def
Design Des
Development Dec
Dietetics Dietet
Ecology Ecol
Economics Ec
Education Ed
Electronic e
Electronics, electrical Elec
Employment Empl
Engineering E
English Eng
Enrichment Enrich
Environmental Env
Environmental statistics Envirostats
Facilities Fac
Finance, financial Fin
Forensic For
General Gen
Geography Geog
Geology Geol
Gerontic, gerontological Ger
Good clinical practice GCP
Government Govt
Heritage Herit
Industrial Ind
Information Inf
Information technology IT
Interior Int
International Intl
International Relations IntRel
Interpreting Interp
Journalism Jnl
Laboratory Lab
Landscape L
Language, languages Lang
Laws LL
Learning Lrng
Legal Leg
Legal science SJ
Library, librarianship Lib
Literacy Lit
Management Mgt
Manufacturing Mfg
Marketing Mktg
Materials Mat
Mathematics, mathematical Math
Medical, medicine Med
Modern Mod
Natural Nat
Nurse, nursing Nurs
Nutrition Nutr
Office Off
Oncology Onc
Operations Op
Organisational Org
Paediatric Paed
Performance Perf
Perioperative Periop
Pharmacy Pharm
Philosophy Phil
Photonic Phot
Physics Phys
Physiotherapy Physio
Planning Plan
Politics Pol
Practice Prac
Preprofessional Preprof
Production Prod
Professional Prof
Promotion Prom
Property Prop
Psychology Psych
Public Pub
Public administration PA
Purposes Purp
Quantity Qty
Recreation Rec
Regional Reg
Rehabilitation Rehab
Relations Rel
Research Rsch
Resource, resources Res
Scaffolding Scaff
Science, sciences Sc
Secretarial Sec
Social Soc
Software S
Special Sp
Statistics Stat
Strategic Str
Studies St
Sustainable Sust
Systems Sys
Surveying Surv
Taxation Tax
Teaching T
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages TESOL
Technical, technology, technological Tech
Telecommunications Telecoms
Tourism Trsm
Translating Trsltg
Transport Trnsp
University Univ
Urban Urb
Writing Wrtg