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2023 Parking Rates

Parking charges apply for vehicles that utilise car parks between 8:00am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday (public holidays excepted). There is no charge for motorcycles who park in motorcycle bays on campus.

Time Schedule (per day only)Cost
0-30 minutes


30 minutes - 2 hours      $6.00
2-3 hours      $7.00
3-4 hours $8.00
4-5 hours $9.00
5-6 hours $11.00
6-7 hours $13.00
All Day     


Fee for lost ticket is $30.

Prepaid Parking tickets (book of 10 tickets) are available at a cost of $65 per book (i.e. $6.50 per ticket).

Please note all rates are GST Inclusive.

Time parameter Staff and affiliate*StudentReserved
Fortnightly $47 $24 $96
Annual lump sum $1110 $510 N/A
Semester 1 lump sum N/A $155 N/A
Winter term lump sum N/A $90 N/A
Semester 2 lump sum N/A $155 N/A

* An affiliate is a person who requires staff-like access to resources including casual and sessional staff, authorised contractors, consultants, tenants, auditors, and visiting academics.

Please note all rates are GST inclusive. Please choose your permit carefully as refunds are not available.