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UC’s new Bachelor of Science combines flexibility and a strong science core to address skills shortages and increase employment opportunities

Suzanne Lazaroo

28 November 2022:The University of Canberra’s new Bachelor of Science course will help address critical skills shortages in Canberra and across the nation, and allow students greater flexibility in self-curating their own programs of study while exploring a broad range of possible areas of specialisation.

It will be available for Semester One, 2023.

“Graduates will find a wide range of career opportunities open to them, including in-demand roles as biomedical scientists, natural resource managers and policy officers,” said Professor Janine Deakin, Executive Dean of the University’s Faculty of Science and Technology.

“The Bachelor of Science provides a solid and versatile foundation for many careers, but also allows students to explore a broader range of opportunities and options, rather than boxing them in from the start.”

Students have six specialist majors to choose from: Biomedical science; Environmental science; Human movement; Nutrition studies; Chemical science; and Biological science.

They are then able to study eight open electives in areas like health, communications, technology or law, further diversifying their skillset and broadening their knowledge base.

“In addition to the knowledge gained, the skills acquired in this course are highly transferable – these include critical thinking, scientific reasoning, data analysis and how to communicate your research,” Professor Deakin said.

“It is no coincidence that a large number of top CEOs have a Bachelor of Science!”

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Science course will enjoy practical, Work Integrated Learning opportunities, undertake scenario-based study and use industry-grade lab equipment.