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Contractor Portal

Managing Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) is an important component of contractor management at UC. UC has a broad array of WHS risks due to the variety of work that occurs across campus. Hazard types and workplace settings vary greatly and include: construction work, laboratories, workshops, hazardous chemical handling, radiation usage and infrastructure upgrades.


UC is committed to:

  • The Health and Safety of all, (including: staff, students, contractors and visitors). UC subscribes to the principle of “Zero Harm” and expects all work to be performed with safety as the first priority.
  • Striving for environmental sustainability by managing all works in a manner that ensures risks to the environment are mitigated prior to any work commencing.
  • Complying with the Work Health and Safety Act and Regulation, and all other relevant legislation, regulations, codes of practice and national standards.

Contractor Requirements

To ensure UC remains a “Zero Harm” workplace and also meets its WHS Duty of Care, UC requires contractors to abide by the following:  

  • Safety First – Safety is always your first priority.
  • Comply - with all UC Procedures and contractual requirements
  • Plan - Design and implement a safe system of work for every task performed
  • Risk Assess – Identify all hazards, evaluate the likelihood and consequence of these and then develop effective control measures.
  • Right Tool for the Job - Provide workers the proper and safe equipment and substances to perform any task
  • Trained and Licensed - Provide adequate instruction, training and supervision of all workers

To ensure this occurs, UC require that prior to performing any work at UC, all persons shall read and sign the Contractor Induction and return signatures to the UC representative managing the contractor. The UC induction will advise contractors, their staff and sub-contractors of their obligations and also in cases of high risk work, direct the contractor to UC procedural documents with a more thorough explanation of UC requirements. The induction and associated procedures and forms are available here on the Contractor Portal.

Information, Documents and Forms