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Responding to Wildlife Encounters

We are fortunate to be located in an area where wildlife thrives, and we want to ensure the safety and well-being of both our campus community and the animals that call our campus home. Here are some important guidelines for responding to wildlife encounters:

Our priority is to coexist peacefully with the wildlife on our campus while ensuring everyone's safety. By following these guidelines and reporting any concerns, we can continue to enjoy the natural beauty of our surroundings while minimizing potential risks. If you have questions or require assistance regarding wildlife encounters, please don't hesitate to contact security on 02 6201 2222.


Observe from a distance

  • If you come across any wildlife such as kangaroos, foxes, possums, rabbits etc , please observe them from a safe distance.
  • Do not approach or attempt to feed them. Feeding wildlife can disrupt their natural behaviors and diet.

Keep pets under control

  • If you have pets, ensure they are on a leash or kept securely indoors.
  • Uncontrolled pets may chase or provoke wildlife, leading to potentially dangerous situations.

Report unusual behavior

  • If you notice any wildlife exhibiting unusual or aggressive behavior, please report it to campus security or local wildlife authorities.


Stay calm

  • If you encounter a snake, remain calm and move slowly away from it.
  • Most snakes are not aggressive and will not pursue humans unless provoked.
  • Do not try to handle

  • Do not attempt to handle, catch, or kill the snake. This can be dangerous and is best left to trained professionals.
  • Keep a safe distance

  • Maintain a safe distance from the snake, at least the length of the snake itself.
  • Report sightings

  • If you come across a snake on campus, report the sighting to campus security.
  • Prevent encounters

  • To reduce the likelihood of snake encounters, be cautious in areas with tall grass, rocks, or piles of debris where snakes may seek shelter.