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National Student Safety Survey 2021

UC's response

The National Student Safety Survey (NSSS) 2021 was undertaken in August and September 2021. It is intended to help Australian universities identify areas of improvement in their approach to addressing sexual assault and sexual harassment in their respective university contexts.

It is important to acknowledge the courage that UC students have demonstrated in speaking up and sharing their experiences. We thank all our students who responded to the Survey. We are taking their feedback very seriously and will act.

The University of Canberra will continue to identify opportunities to provide improved support to survivors, address inappropriate behaviour,  and awareness of the University’s reporting mechanisms and support services available to our community.

It is evident that there are too many incidents of sexual harassment and sexual assault in our university context. We firmly believe that everyone who attends our university has the right to be and feel safe on our campus, and to be treated with respect and dignity.

The University commits to ongoing monitoring and interrogation of the NSSS findings to further enhance our response.

Access further via the NSSS website.

View the National Student Safety Survey results (PDF, 313.79 KB).

National Student Safety Survey 2021