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Japanese Encephalitis

Japanese Encephalitis is spread to humans by infected mosquitoes. The virus is spread when mosquitoes bite an infected animal (for eg. pigs), and the mosquito then bites a human. Infected pigs and some waterbirds are the animals more likely to infect mosquitoes.

Humans are not able to pass JEV to other humans. Humans cannot get infected with JEV by touching an infected animal or eating animal products including pork or poultry products.

JEV has been identified in commercial piggeries in NSW, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia. People at increased risk of acquiring JEV are

  • People working at and/or living close to piggeries which have tested positive for JEV.
  • People who engage in outdoor activities (e.g., camping, fishing, hiking) near significant mosquito populations, particularly near waterways.

JEV and international travel

JEV is endemic in much of Asia and parts of the Pacific. For travellers visiting these regions, please talk to your GP or UC Medical Centre to determine whether vaccination is recommended.

For more information on Japanese Encephalitis · ACT Health: · Australian Department of Health:

For any UC Staff travelling overseas on University business remember to make sure that you have registered your travel plans with International SOS

UC Medical & Counselling Centre can provide UC staff & students with any required travel vaccinations as well as travel medication kits.