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Coming to campus

The health and safety of our UC campus is underpinned by the collective responsibility of our campus community.

The University will continue to operate within the requirements of the ACT Government and relevant Public Health Orders.

We encourage you to share the responsibility of safeguarding our collective health, safety and wellbeing, by observing the following COVID safe protocols:

  • The use of face masks in all research and teaching environments, including workshops, tutorials, laboratories and lecture, is mandatory for the remainder of 2022.
  • The UC Bruce campus is a mask-friendly environment. We encourage the use of face masks in indoor settings where physical distancing cannot be maintained or if that is your preference when attending campus.
  • The UC community is strongly encouraged to get vaccinated and to receive their relevant booster shots as determined by the Federal and ACT Governments.
  • Do not attend campus if you are unwell or exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms, rather stay home and follow ACT Health advice regarding testing and isolation.
  • If you return a positive test, please complete a University Incident Report as outlined in our current procedures available on the COVID-19 Advice site.
  • Maintain a physical distance of 1.5m from others.
  • Adopt hand and respiratory hygiene practices and make use of the sanitising stations around campus.
  • Clean and sanitise your own work or study space with the supplies provided.
  • All faculties and business units require a COVID Safety Plan.
  • All activities such as field trips and events will require individual COVID Safety Plans.

Face mask requirements in indoor on-campus settings

  • The use of face masks in all teaching and research environments will be mandatory for the remainder of 2022.
  • The use of face masks in all other indoor settings, including the UC Library, is encouraged but optional. We further encourage staff, students and visitors to make use of face masks in environments where social distancing cannot be maintained or where you are in a closed environment with others for longer than two (2) hours.
  • The wearing of masks in other environments where there is no mandate, is a personal choice and is welcomed. The reasons people wear masks may not be overtly obvious to you.

The use of face masks remains mandated in the following locations:

  • Student residential accommodation.
  • UC Medical and Counselling Centre.
  • All teaching and research spaces including lectures, workshops, laboratories and tutorials.
  • Early childhood settings.
  • Students and staff attending the stated high-risk settings, such as placements in health and aged care settings, as determined by ACT Health.
  • University of Canberra Hospital (UCH).
  • Lab and clinical settings across faculties where 1.5 metres distancing cannot be maintained or there is contact with members of the community who are high risk.

COVID-19 testing and reporting

Staff and students will be required to advise the University if they test positive for COVID-19 or if they are a household contact.

For advice on reporting positive COVID-19 test results, household contacts; and isolation requirements for high/moderate/low exposure contacts as determined by ACT Health, please visit our Health and Wellbeing site and follow the procedures provided.

ACT Government requirements

The University will continue to comply with ACT Government COVID safety requirements and monitor the situation to ensure effective response and adjustments to our COVID-safe principles.

Check-In CBR App

The use of the Check in CBR app is no longer mandatory.

The University will continue to display QR codes in other areas for voluntary use by those who want to keep a record of where they have been  on campus. Please leave existing QR codes in place for this purpose.

Vaccination requirements

The University encourages our UC community coming to campus to be fully vaccinated*.  

The University has instituted vaccination mandates (except where individuals have medical exemptions) for staff and students entering the higher-risk settings outlined below:

  • University student residences;
  • UC Medical and Counselling Centre attendance;
  • Students attending ‘high-risk’** settings (for example, Faculties of Health and Education students attending placements in relevant employment sectors, where vaccination mandates are in place);
  • Travel – any domestic or international travel undertaken by staff or students for University purposes; and
  • University staff and students working in University of Canberra Hospital or Kirinari Early Childhood Centre.

*Fully vaccinated means 14 days following second vaccination, including any booster vaccination due. 
** High risk / critical employment sectors include aged care, health care, disability care, early childhood education and care services, primary schools, and out of school hours care.

Confirmation of staff vaccination is only required for staff who will be entering the areas where vaccination is mandated.

Faculties will have processes in place to sight student proof of vaccination and should comply with this.

If you would like advice on COVID vaccines, please contact our UC Medical and Counselling team.

Booster vaccinations

For those who are vaccinated, we encourage you to go for your booster vaccination when you are eligible to do so.

Teaching and research

There will be a mix of on-campus and online delivery depending on the nature of the course and discipline.  

Off campus field work is permitted in accordance with travel requirements.

Research may recommence on campus, in accordance with a relevant COVID safety plan, Faculty return to campus risk assessment and the adoption of the required safety measures.

Campus buildings

Building safety principles will continue as appropriate, including regular cleaning and increased fresh air flow.

University study spaces

Staff, students and visitors making use of these study spaces are reminded to clean and sanitise the space when they leave the area.


Events will be permitted on campus, in accordance with ACT Health guidelines.

All events and event venues will be required to have a COVID Safety Plan, and an associated risk assessment approved and in place before an event can be advertised.

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