COVID-19 (Coronavirus) advice

The University of Canberra continues to monitor the unfolding Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak to ensure that we respond effectively and appropriately in the best interests of our staff, students and broader university community.

These are unique and challenging circumstances in a constantly changing environment of global significance and the University is committed to providing our community with the best support possible.

Travel advice

While the Australian Government’s travel restrictions remain in place, there are many questions and uncertainties around what this means for affected students and staff.

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Official health advice

The University is following the most current advice and guidelines on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) as provided by the Australian and ACT governments.

Learning and teaching

The University has been working hard on developing suitable learning and teaching solutions to enable students to transition to an online learning environment.

The semester 1 2020 class teaching dates have changed. Download the latest calendar here  »

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Affected events

The Australian Government has advised that public gatherings both indoor and outdoor are restricted to two people only. This applies to the UC campus environment and our community is requested to strictly comply with these guidelines.

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Staff information

The University continues to provide advice, guidance and support relevant to the University’s response to COVID-19 with updated information.

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Student Support

The University is committed to supporting our students during this uncertain time and to limiting the spread of COVID-19 in the ACT. This section of the site provides guidelines for students.

Please contact for advice or support.

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Health, wellbeing and safety in our community

The health and wellbeing of our entire UC community is important. Our dedicated medical and counselling team offers expert advice to those in Australia via 0409 507 734. More mental health and health advice and support can be found on the Medical and Counselling Centre page.

Medical and counselling services at the University of Canberra remain open and have transitioned to online video and telephone consultations throughout the COVID-19 crisis. All doctors and counsellors are available for Telehealth appointments.

Doctors will still be available for face-to-face consultations, however patients will need to be assessed first via a Telehealth video or telephone consultation before coming to the Centre. This procedure will ensure the safety of patients and staff. Any patients with flu or cold-like symptoms must be assessed by a Telehealth consultation and only come into the practice if asked to do so by the doctor. Our psychologists have also transitioned to only phone consultations.

Should you have any queries about how to access medical appointments or psychological services from the Medical & Counselling Centre contact 6201 2351.

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