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Support for International Students

The Student Wellbeing and Support team is the first point of contact for international students at the University of Canberra. Our team aims to provide exceptional support to our international students via outreach activities, customised guidance, as well as a referral service to facilities on campus and within the local community.

Financial scam targeting international students

The University has been made aware of a financial scam targeting international students attending Australian and other international universities.

The scammers are posing as Government officials seeking large sums of money, and making threats of deportation and imprisonment if the student fails to cooperate with their demands.

It is important to note that Australian Government officials will never ask you to share your personal details nor transfer money over the phone. They will also not advise you not to contact anyone. If you receive a call like this, please hang up the phone immediately. Do not send any money or provide your personal banking, credit card or online account details over the phone.

Australian Federal Police are aware of the scam and UC will work closely with the authorities should you find yourself targeted by the scammers. I would like to reassure you that UC staff and Australian authorities can be trusted when you report incidents of this nature.

If you suspect that your bank details have been compromised, please contact your bank or financial institution as soon as possible.

We understand that this advice can be alarming, and remind you that we are here to help you stay safe. If you are targeted by the scammers, please follow these next steps:

  • Please reach out to the UC Wellbeing and Support team at They will be able to support you and guide you through the reporting process.
  • Report the matter to the Police. You can either make a report at your nearest police station in person, or you can contact ACT Policing on 131 444.
  • Report the scam to ScamWatch.

For more advice on how to protect yourself from scams, visit the ScamWatch website.

Please reach out to the UC Student Wellbeing and Support team at, if you would like any further information or support. We are here for you.