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Prepare to arrive

Get organised before starting life as an international student at UC! Once you've received your visa, it's time to start to planning your move to Canberra! The information below will help you get started.

Before arrival:

  • Be sure to understand your visa and its conditions.
  • Remember to check Australian Customs and Quarantine information.
  • Ensure that your accommodation has been arranged.
  • Scan and make soft copies of all your important documents including your passport, visa etc.
  • Research a little more about living in Australia and it's safe and friendly capital city, Canberra!

After arrival & settling in:

  • Organise a mobile phone service and tell your family and friends on your safe arrival.
  • Open an Australian bank account.
  • If you plan on working in Australia, apply for a Tax File Number.
  • Familiarise yourself with Canberra.
  • Get your own MyWay card for using the public transport in Canberra.

International student visa holders are required to attend Orientation. Further to ensuring that you are enrolled correctly, your Orientation provides students with the opportunity to get to know the UC campus, how the University works and allows you to get to know fellow students and staff members. More importantly, it's an opportunity to have fun!

If you are unable to attend Orientation Week, please follow the below steps to make sure you are prepared to commence your studies:

Step 1: Course advice & approvals

If you have missed your course advice session, please make your way to our Student Centre (location: Student Central - Building 1, Level B) for assistance.

Please note: student visa holders arriving after Monday of Week 2 of a given teaching period (Semester, Term or Module), will need to get appropriate UC approval to commence their studies. For further information on the process, please contact Student Wellbeing and Support.

Step 2: Password & MyUC Portal access

In an effort to enhance password security, the UC Digital Information and Technology Management (DITM) ServiceDesk team have introduced a Zero Touch Password feature for UC students. This is a new way to easily access, change or reset your password. It is available anytime, on any device and anywhere you may be located. To use it, go to:

If you are a new/commencing student, you will receive an email from UC with guidelines on how to generate your password. Please note that this email will ONLY go to the personal email address you have registered with UC.

Use your new password to login to MyUC. Once logged in you will be able to:

  • access your student email
  • enrol in units
  • view your current enrolment information and academic history
  • access study tools
  • view your student fees
  • access important university messages
  • view and update your personal contact details

Step 3: Enrolment

After gaining access to MyUC please use the Enrolment Guide for information on how to enrol into units. Check out the campus map for directions on how to find all your class rooms

Step 4: Student ID card

After you have successfully enrolled into your units, you may obtain a student ID card from the Student Centre. Please ensure you bring photo ID with you when requesting your student card.

Note: Student ID cards are required to attend exams, borrow from the library or to access any facility requiring a proximity card, including e-permit parking.

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