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Media Resource Centre

The Media Resource Centre maintains and loans professional video and audio equipment for media production for classes, assignments, student and staff projects at UC.

The Centre provides professional gear for all in-studio and on-location projects, including cameras, lighting equipment, movement rigs, audio recording and mixing equipment. In addition, the Centre maintains a collection of cutting-edge tools for digital media production in fields such as motion capture, virtual and augmented reality.

Centre staff frequently run demonstrations of equipment, workshops in camera use, audio, and editing, and are on hand to assist in and around the Building 9 studios and computer labs.


The TV Studio (9A13) is available for booking by UC Staff.


Building 9 Facilities

The TV studio (with attached control room) is a teaching space used for training in a wide variety of production scenarios, with a focus on film and digital media production as well as TV news and sports broadcasting. It is equipped with lighting rig, studio cameras and set components that give students the capability to create anything from an interview stage to a full set. A cyclorama with infinity curve extends this capacity, providing green-screen for chroma key compositing with a wide range of applications.

Similar to the TV studio, the radio studio and green room are professionally fitted teaching spaces for training in radio presentation and production. The rooms are fitted with inter-linked studio control desks that are supplemented with server-based news production software. Acoustics are controlled with cladding that provides exemplary soundproofing and sound absorption, making the space ideal for audio capture of all kinds.

A separate interview and voice-over booth is also equipped for excellent isolation in audio production.

Building 9 contains several large computer labs and private editing suites equipped with major software required for video editing, audio editing, compositing and 3D graphics.