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Our People

Read our researcher biographies and discover the exciting projects and research outputs of our faculty academic staff.

List staff by:
Surname, Firstname Position Title Profile/Contact
Adam, Dee Administrative Course Convenor Email Dee
Andrew, Dan Communication & Media Lecturer, Digital Marketing Email Dan
Banihashemi, Saeed Lecturer in Building and Construction Management View profile
Barnes, Brooke Administrative Officer Email Brooke
Basson, Steve Head of School, Design & The Built Environment Email Steve
Brady, Simon Communication & Media Lecturer, Sports Media Email Simon
Brockwell, Sally Research Associate Email Sally
Burford, Sally Acting Dean View profile
Carling, Peter Digital and Operations Manager Email Peter
Cheah, Shaun Senior Lecturer Email Shaun
Clarke, Vivianne Executive Assistant Email Vivianne
Cleary, Ann Senior Lecturer Email Ann
Collis, Paul Postdoctoral Research Fellow Email Paul
Crawford, Jennifer Assistant Professor of Writing View profile
Daly, Nicole Administrative Officer Email Nicole
Deas, Megan Research Development Officer Email Megan
Dickerson, Adam Assistant Professor View profile
Drayton, Ian Faculty Manager, Strategic Projects & Business Development Email Ian
Eaton, Tony Associate Professor View profile
Ennis Butler, Ben Lecturer Email Ben
Fisher, Caroline Assistant Professor of Journalism View profile
Fuller, Glen Associate Professor View profile
Gudur, Raghavendra Assistant Professor, Graphic Design View profile
Hansopaheluwakan, Nina Associate Lecturer in Graphic Design Email Nina
Hartoonian, Gevork Professor View profile
Harwood, Alana Administrative Officer Email Alana
Hayne, Katie Research Development Officer Email Katie
Henry, Adam Lecturer in Global Studies Email Adam
Hetherington, Paul Professor View profile
Heyes, Scott Assistant Prof View profile
Hinton, Erin Associate Dean Education Email Erin
Hinton, Sam Assistant Professor in Media & Graphic Design View profile
Hippisley, Debra Executive Assistant to the ADR, ADE & ADI Email Debra
Holland, Kate Senior Research Fellow Email Kate
Hope, Cathy Assistant Professor View profile
Hu, Richard Professor View profile
Hughes, John Research Associate View profile
Hutchinson, Philip Lecturer - Landscape Architecture Email Philip
Ireland, Tracy Associate Professor-Creative & Cultural Practice View profile
Jasper, Michael Associate Professor of Architecture. View profile
Jericho, Greg Lecturer in Communication and Media Studies Email Greg
Johnson, Amy Lecturer in Communication and Media Studies Email Amy
Karchinsky, Jess International Partnerships Manager Email Jess
Komac, Ursa Assistant Professor of Architecture View profile
Larkins, Natalie Lecturer in Communication Email Natalie
Lemckert, Charles Professor of Building and Construction Management View profile
Lupton, Deborah Centenary Professor View profile
Magee, Paul Associate Professor View profile
McCallum, Kerry Professor of Communication and Media Studies View profile
McCarthy, Annie Assistant Professor, Global Studies Email Annie
Mueller, Heather Administrative Officer Email Heather
Muminovic, Milica Assistant Professor of Architecture View profile
Nakanishi, Hitomi Associate Professor View profile
Norman, Barbara Professor of Urban Planning View profile
Norton, Lyn Lecturer in Interior Architecture Email Lyn
O'Neil, Mathieu Associate Professor of Communications and Media Studies View profile
Page Jeffery, Catherine Teaching Fellow Email Catherine
Park, Sora Associate Dean Research View profile
Peng, Fanke Assistant Professor, Graphic Design View profile
Perera, Anji Teaching Fellow Email Anji
Pianca, Eddi Assistant Professor in Design View profile
Ranasinghe, Shara Lecturer in Communication Email Shara
Rashid, Tahmina Associate Professor Humanities View profile
Robertson, Emily Lecturer Email Emily
Robson, Prue Lecturer Email Prue
Sang, Yoonmo Assistant Professor in Communication Email Yoonmo
Shelley, Bill Technical Services Coordinator Email Bill
Sherratt, Tim Associate Professor, Digital Heritage View profile
Strange, Shane Teaching Fellow Email Shane
Thomas, Tim Senior Lecturer Email Tim
Thwaites, Susan Lecturer Email Susan
Thwaites, Denise Assistant Professor in Digital Arts and Humanities Email Denise
Ting, John Assistant Professor - Architecture View profile
Tomkins, Sam Technical Services Officer Email Sam
Turner, Bethaney Assistant Professor View profile
Tutalo, Michael Technical Officer Email Michael
Wain, Alison Lecturer-Heritage Conservation Email Alison
Walsh, Barbara Associate Dean, International and WIL Email Barbara
Washington-King, Jo Student Liaison Officer Email Jo
Webb, Jen Distinguished Professor View profile
Williams, Jordan Associate Professor View profile
Wise, Eileen Faculty Manager Email Eileen