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Our People

Read our researcher biographies and discover the exciting projects and research outputs of our faculty academic staff or contact our wonderful professional and teaching staff.

Arts and Design Executive

Surname, First NamePosition TitleProfile/Contact
Bainbridge, JasonExecutive DeanEmail Jason
Hinton, Erin
Associate Dean Education: Strategic Development
Crawford, JenAssociate Dean Education: Curriculum and InnovationsView profile
Park, Sora
Associate Dean Research
Walsh, BarbaraAssociate Dean, Partnerships and WILView Profile
Lemckert, Charles
Head of School, Design and the Built Environment
View profile
Fuller, Glen
Head of School, Arts and CommunicationView profile
Wise, Eileen
Faculty Manager

Faculty Staff

Adam, DeeManager Student Experience (Education & Engagement)Email Dee
Amirjani, RahmatollahLecturer in ArchitectureEmail Rom
Andrew, DanLecturer in Communication and Media, Digital MarketingEmail Dan
Azara, LilianaStudent Experience CoordinatorEmail Liliana
Banihashemi, SaeedAssistant Professor of Building and Construction ManagementView profile
Barnes, BrookeBusiness Support Officer, School of Arts and CommunicationEmail Brooke
Basson, SteveProfessor of the Built EnvironmentView Profile
Brady, SimonLecturer in Communication and Media, Sports MediaEmail Simon
Bridges, ScottLecturer in Communication and MediaEmail Scott
Brockwell, SallyResearch AssociateEmail Sally
Bullock, OwenLecturer, Creative WritingEmail Owen
Burford, SallyProfessor, Knowledge and Information StudiesView Profile
Cetinkaya Sendas, MehvesAssistant Professor in Visual CommunicationEmail Mehves
Cheah, ShaunSenior Lecturer in Communication and MediaView Profile
Clarke, VivianneExecutive Assistant to the DeanEmail Vivianne
Claase, BenjaminTechnical Services OfficerEmail Ben
Cleary, AnnSenior Lecturer, Architecture and the Built EnvironmentView Profile
Collis, PaulPostdoctoral Research FellowEmail Paul
Crawford, JenniferAssociate Professor of WritingView profile
Daly, NicoleBusiness Support Officer, Design and the Built Environment Email Nicole
Danvers, MikaelaLecturer in DesignEmail Mikaela
Deas, MeganResearch Development OfficerEmail Megan
Eaton, TonyAssociate Professor, WritingView profile
Ennis Butler, BenAssistant Professor in Visual CommunicationView profile
Fisher, CarolineAssociate Professor of JournalismView profile
Frederick, UrsulaPostdoctoral Research FellowEmail Ursula
George, MaddyAdministrative AssistantEmail Maddy
Gibson, RossProfessorView Profile
Golizadeh, HamedAssistant Professor, Building and Construction MangementView profile
Goudie, SamiaAssoicate Professor, Indigenous StudiesEmail Samia
Gudur, RaghavendraAssistant Professor, Visual CommunicationView profile
Hartoonian, GevorkProfessor, Architecture and the Built EnvironmentView profile
Harwood, AlanaSenior Education AdviserEmail Alana
Hayne, KatieResearch Development OfficerEmail Katie
Hetherington, PaulProfessor, WritingView profile
Hinton, SamAssistant Professor in Media & Graphic DesignView profile
Hippisley, DebraResearch Support CoordinatorEmail Debra
Holland, KateSenior Research FellowView Profile
Hope, CathyAssistant Professor, Communication and MediaView profile
Hu, LarryAssistant Professor in Building and Construction ManagementEmail Larry
Hughes, JohnResearch AssociateView profile
Ireland, TracyDirector, Centre of Creative and Cultural ResearchView profile
Jasper, MichaelProfessor of Architecture.View profile
Jericho, GregLecturer in Communication and MediaEmail Greg
Karchinsky, JessAdministration and Partnerships ManagerEmail Jess
Kirkpatrick, RussellLecturer in Global StudiesEmail Russell
Koh, ErnestSenior Lecturer, Global StudiesEmail Ernest
Larkins, NatalieLecturer in Communication and MediaEmail Natalie
Lee, Jee YoungLecturer in Communication and MediaEmail Jee
Lister, MiraniLecturer, Cultural HeritageEmail Mirani
Liu, HenryAssistant Professor,  Building and Construction ManagementEmail Henry
Magee, PaulAssociate Professor, WritingView profile
Maxwell, MaxAssociate Professor in ArchitectureEmail Max
McCallum, KerryDirector, News and Media Research Centre / Professor of Communication and Media StudiesView profile
McCarthy, AnnieAssistant Professor, Global StudiesView Profile
McGuinness, KieranPost Doctoral Research FellowEmail Kieran
McHugh, IanLecturer in Creative WritingEmail Ian
Metcalf, AndrewLecture in the Built EnvironmentEmail Andrew
Mueller, HeatherBusiness Support Officer, Work Integrated LearningEmail Heather
Muminovic, MilicaAssistant Professor of ArchitectureView profile
Nakanishi, HitomiAssociate Professor of the Built Environment View profile
Nolan, DavidAssociate Professor, Communication and MediaEmail David
Norman, BarbaraProfessor of Urban PlanningView profile
Norton, LynLecturer in Interior ArchitectureEmail Lyn
O'Neil, MathieuAssociate Professor, Communications and Media View profile
Page Jeffery, CatherineTeaching Fellow,  Communication and MediaEmail Catherine
Peng, FankeAssistant Professor, DesignView profile
Perera, AnjiTeaching Fellow, Communication and MediaEmail Anji
Pianca, EddiAssistant Professor in DesignView profile
Ranasinghe, SharaLecturer in CommunicationEmail Shara
Rashid, TahminaAssociate Professor in Global StudiesView profile
Robson, PrueLecturer, Communication and MediaEmail Prue
Shelley, BillTechnical Services CoordinatorEmail Bill
Sherratt, TimAssociate Professor, Digital HeritageView profile
Sommerville, WendyTeaching FellowEmail Wendy
Spencer, DavidMedia Centre Manager and LecturerEmail David
Strange, ShaneTeaching Fellow, WritingEmail Shane
Thomas, TimSenior Lecturer, Film and MediaEmail Tim
Thwaites, SusanLecturer, Media and FilmView Profile
Thwaites, DeniseAssistant Professor in Digital Arts and HumanitiesView Profile
Ting, JohnAssistant Professor - ArchitectureView profile
Tomkins, SamLecturer in Design Email Sam
Turner, BethaneyAssociate Professor, Global StudiesView profile
Tutalo, MichaelTechnical OfficerEmail Michael
Wain, AlisonAssistant Professor, Heritage ConservationView Profile
Washington-King, JoSenior Internships CoordinatorEmail Jo
Webb, JenDistinguished ProfessorView profile
Williams, JordanAssociate Professor, WritingView profile
Williamson, GaySenior Lecturer, Landscape ArchitectureEmail Gay
Windred, EllieBusiness Support Officer, Arts and CommunicationEmail Ellie