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The future of hyper-personalised eyewear

ID7 explores a new paradigm of contemporary eyewear through emergent technologies to transform not only the product but the user experience. The ID7 project by the Industrial Design students of the Faculty of Arts and Design aims to localise manufacturing within Workshop7 for the UC Eye Clinic by developing custom frames for individuals.

Ultimately, the project is creating an eyewear brand that builds a strong connection between people and their eyewear by including them in the design process.

From the in-store experience through to post-sale support, our team seeks to create hyper-personalised eyewear and engaging experiences. We also investigate how digital platforms can enrich the user experience, from augmented reality technologies for fittament and "digital try-ons" through to 3D resin printing technologies in manufacture.

The ID7 journey

ID7 brought together the UC Eye Clinic, The Industrial Design students of the Faculty of Arts and Design and Workshop7 to revolutionise eyewear.

Explore the journey from concept to final prototype.

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1. Eye Clinic visit

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2. Concept development

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3. Concept presentation

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4. Process

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5. Client presentation

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