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The Faculty of Science and Technology maintains and utilises several world-class teaching and research laboratories and project spaces that cover Information Technology, Network Engineering and Robotics. Our facilities are used in collaboration with our partners from industry, government and community groups, such as Questacon and Tactical Research.

We welcome further partners to collaborate with us and to use our state-of-the-art facilities. For any enquiries regarding our facilities, please contact

HCC Ob RoomThe HCC Lab space provides a state-of-the-art human observation laboratory consisting of an observation space, control room, briefing room, workstations and high-end computing facilities to analyse video, audio and physiological sensor data. This space is designed for interdisciplinary research at the intersection of computer science, engineering, health technology, psychology, sports technology and design. The HCC Lab also features a briefing/debriefing space and a work room with high-end computing facilities to analyse the data.

Robotics WorkshopOur dedicated team of researchers, HDR students and project students work on various projects in robotics and human-robot interaction, closely involving our industry partners and the arts community to explore new, innovative concepts.

Eng WorkshopOur Internet of Things Laboratory is a dedicated space for Student Project work, specifically our Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Network and Software Engineering students. This gives these students a space to work with all manner of equipment and supports our work with Drones, WiFi Networks, and Sensor equipment.

Innov LabThe Faculty's Multipurpose Teaching Laboratory is our specialist computer lab, specifically created to teach our units in Mobile Technology, Games Programming, Natural User Interface, networking, cyber security, and robotics. It is equipped with higher-powered PC's and specialist software.

AR VR LabIn an interconnected world, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) play an important role not just for computer games but also training and education, healthcare and data science. Our Human-Machine Interaction Laboratory provides researchers and HDR students with a dedicated space to work with a Multimodal Immersive Analytics and Visualisation (MIAV) platform by WorldViz as well as HTC and Oculus head-mounted displays.

Dell ServersThe Human-Centred Technology Research Centre operates advanced servers and GPUs for high-computational load research. These include servers with 256GB RAM, 64TB hard disk space and Nvidia GPUs such as the Tesla K80 or Titan Xp. The HCT Research Centre also operates a dedicated research data storage server with a current capacity of 200TB.