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Cisco Networking Academy

UC and Cisco Networking Academy bring you short courses in Networking, Programming, IoT and Cybersecurity. Access the below online courses, based on the latest advances in the tech industry for free!
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Summary Card 1

Linux Unhatched

Learn how people, systems and physical objects connect and share data seamlessly on the internet

Summary Card 2

Networking Essentials

Learn more about network architectures and how they operate

Summary Card 3

Introduction to Packet Tracer

Learn about its features, functionalities, how to add, connect, configure and troubleshoot networks

Summary Card 4

JavaScript Essentials

Learn about some universal computer programming courses

Summary Card 5

Programming Essentials in Python

Learn in-demand skills to design, develop, and improve computer programs using Python

Summary Card 6

Programming Essentials in C++

Learn the fundamental concepts and techniques used in object oriented programming and C++

Summary Card 7

Introduction to Cybersecurity

Learn about the field, its importance and best practices for internet and social media use

Summary Card 8

Cybersecurity Essentials

Learn about cyber crimes, security principles, technologies and much more

Summary Card 6

Cloud Security

Learn about cloud computing and how to develop a cloud security program

Skills for All by Cisco - "Your window to a world of opportunity"

Learn through innovative, practice-oriented courses that prepare you with real, job-ready skills.

English for IT 1

Learn English at the ‘B2’ proficiency level in an IT-specific context. Click here to access the course.

Cyber Threat Management

Learn about cybersecurity governance and build your skills to manage threats. Click here to access the course.

Network Defence

Learn how to monitor and protect your network and evaluate security alerts. Click here to access the course.

Data Analytics Essentials

Learn the essential tools of data analytics. Click here to access the course.

Endpoint Security

Learn about securing your network from end to end. Click here to access the course.

Discovering  Entrepreneurship

Build entrepreneurial skills and develop a solution-oriented approach to problem-solving through real-world examples and interactive branching activities. Click here to access the course.