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Impact on Campus

Campus Estate are constantly looking to improve the campus buildings, facilities and grounds through routine maintenance and planned refurbishment as well as the construction of new infrastructure on campus. 

These various works can lead to some disruption in mobility routes, access to buildings and facilities and  sometimes classes or group sessions may need to be relocated or postponed. Below is a list of current impacts on campus by the project delivery team's construction and refurbishment projects. For further information on accessibility please visit Inclusion and Welfare's Campus Access page.

For more detailed information please contact the relevant responsible person through the UC Directory or visit the Construction on Campus page (for students and visitors) or for impacts caused by the operations and maintenance team performing works in existing buildings on campus, visit the EFM Service Portal (for UC staff only)


Description of works

Start Period

End Period

Contact Person

ICON Cancer Centre (Car Park 17)The ICON Cancer Centre will be installed in Car Park 17 and there will be a section of carpark (between Monana Street and Broula Street) will be cordoned off to facilitate the new ICON Cancer Centre Building. The works will commence on November 20 2017 during the Christmas break. Some ancillary works will result north of Monana Street to ensure that Car Park 17 will still operate during this time. These minor modification works will occur in November 2017.Oct 2017Jan 2018Mark Thompson
Building 7 Construction is currently nearing completion for the first phase (Digital Fabrication Workshop) of stage 1.  Phase 2 is anticipated to commence in early 2018.Early 20172018Rick Kruger
Campus Pathway Lighting Upgrades Pathway lighting upgrades are being undertaken across the campus. Paths will generally remain open. However, there may be temporary closures during major events such as concrete pours or installation of light poles. Detour Signage will be provided for pedestrians during these periods. January 2016 End 2017Luka Kaleb
University of Canberra Public Hospital Continued construction traffic on Aikman drive, take care around heavy vehicles with limited rear and mirror vision when approaching the university or travelling along this road mid 2016 Mid 2018 Geoff Murray
University of Canberra Public Hospital Car-park

The UCPH Car Park comprise 5 levels of carpark  that will provide a circa of 500 car parking spaces. The car park will be serving staff, visitors and patients of the UCPH, in addition to staff/visitors of the future development planned opposite to the carpark. The car park will be served with 2 lifts, with two different entrances/exits.   Three commercial tenancies at the ground floor are also planned as part of the carpark.

Construction of the car park has commenced early August 2017 and is expected to complete late March 2018.

PBS Building are the successful Contractor and all construction access until December 2017 will be via the proposed new Pantowora St extension which are planned to be constructed in January 2018.

Aug 2017Apr 2018Lama Qasem
Car Park 28 (adjacent to the Health Hub)Works to increase the number of accessibility spaces within this car park as per feedback from car park users. Jan 2017Mid 2017Aleck Kalos
Car Park 28a

A new sealed car park with over 200 bays, called Car Park 28a, will be constructed adjacent to Car Park 28. It is located between the existing Car Park 28 and the oval. Construction for this works commences in October and is scheduled to complete in January 2018. This works will augment the loss of car park spaces in the Car Park 17 due to the construction of the new ICON Cancer Centre.

Sep 2017Jan 2018Mark Thompson
Car Park 10 Works to Car park 10  are ongoing with further asphalting and kerb replacements happening throughout the first week of April. Line-marking and further footpaths will be installed on the completion of road surface works. Drivers should take care not to block vehicular traffic through the affected areas and pedestrians should walk around flagged and fenced construction sites for their safety. Jan 2017Mid 2017Aleck Kalos
E2R Water FacilityThe E2R Water Faculty works, located adjacent to Car Park 17 and Building 15 is nearly complete. The scheduled construction end date is October 16 2017 and work is on schedule. The facility will consist of an outdoor array of freshwater research mesocosms which will showcase UC environmental research and teaching on the Bruce campus The centrepiece of this facility will include 16-24 large artificial streams which will be used for engagement, education and research. The proposed location for the new facility is adjacent to Building 15 includes a grassland plot. This is one of the largest water science facilities of its kind.Aug 2017Oct 2017Mark Thompson
Building 28Works may disrupt footpaths around Building 28 due to installation of fibre-optic cables in the area.  Mid2017Rick Kruger