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High school students to get a taste of UC life

Elly Mackay

17 September 2020: High-school students who want to become a social media influencer, K-pop star, architect or industrial designer will have the opportunity to get a taste of the industries when the Faculty of Arts and Design (FAD) at the University of Canberra launches ‘Discover FAD’ in late September.

The series of short courses, aimed at students in Year 11 and Year 12, are taught over three days and are completely free.

They’ll be taught by University of Canberra academics, who are specialists in the subject matter being taught.

Executive Dean of FAD, Professor Jason Bainbridge, says the program is one that the Faculty looks forward to hosting each year.

“The Faculty of Arts and Design is pleased to offer high school students the opportunity to get a taste of university life,” Professor Bainbridge said.

“These types of programs are designed so that students who are contemplating multiple fields of study can get experience and narrow down their interests by participating in activities that mimic the real-world environment.”

Professor Bainbridge said that content created by students as part of the courses can also be used to boost their portfolio.

“Students will be creating content that will showcase their abilities and talents,” he said.

“These works can also be entered in FAD’s Creative Competition and even be used in a Portfolio Entry application.”

The short courses also aim to ensure that students feel confident in a university environment, and lessen feelings of being overwhelmed when they attend after graduating high school.

Year 12 student Harry Fuller participated in the program when it was run in July. His father, Aaron, says the experience changed his son’s perspective on tertiary study.

“As a result of the course, and the care with which it was delivered, Harry’s confidence has rocketed and directly supported the quality of the work he is producing through Year 12,” Mr Fuller said.

“Harry can now appreciate how the information he learns at college today is really going to help him at university tomorrow.”

Mr Fuller also said that the course was a networking opportunity for Harry.

“Year 12 is a really tough year. In linking students from different colleges, they’re provided with excellent networking opportunities and it builds a meaningful sense of community that lasts,” he said.

Given the current COVID-19 restrictions, the courses will be run online – so students can access them from their homes.

Applications close on 23 September. Find out more and apply here.