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Want a glimpse into possible career paths? Not sure what you want to study or about taking the leap to university? The Faculty of Arts and Design (FAD) are offering a range of uniquely designed short courses for Year 11 & 12 students. Our range of online courses were created for you to get a taste of your future as a job-ready creative professional. They are derived from our highly competitive undergraduate courses and world class Work Integrated Learning (WIL) experiences.

Learn from the best in the field and discover your passions here at UC.

Why study an online Discover FAD short course?

Our online courses are a great way to get a taste of what to study for your future career.

  • Get a feel for the different areas of study
  • Grow your skillset and add to your resume
  • Connect what you know with what you want to be
  • Online learning from the comfort of home
  • Create content and submit in our UC Creative Competition or Portfolio Entry

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Explore our 2020 Courses

So, you want to be an influencer?


2, 7 and 9 October

3 days

Really enjoy making content for Instagram and Tik Tok? Interested in social media, marketing, public relations or design? Well, this three-day short course might kickstart your career as an influencer or be your first step to a fun and rewarding career as a communication professional.

So, you’re into K-Pop? K-pop and global media culture


5, 7, 9 October

3 days

Are you a big fan of K-Pop? What does it mean to become a ‘fan’ of a K-Pop group? Have you heard of K-Pop fans influencing US elections or their hashtag hijacking of #WhiteLivesMatter? This three-day short course on K-Pop and global media culture is the first step to understanding global social media as well as the power of K-Pop in the digital era.


Building and Construction Management


30 September, 2 and 7 October

3 days

Are you interested in the construction industry? Want to help build and design the cities of tomorrow? This course will introduce you to building and construction management and modern construction development processes. You will learn some of the foundation principles for your future studies in built environment.


The Architecture of Music: An introduction to Architecture and the Built Environment


29, 30 September, 2 October

3 days

How do architects get their inspiration? Do you want to learn about designing the buildings of tomorrow? Using sheet music as creative and structural inspiration, you will explore the translation of musical structures into compelling architectural outcomes using hand drawn and digital modelling techniques.

Designing with Carbon Fibre: An introduction to Industrial Design


28 September, 1 and 2 October

3 days

Do you enjoy sketching? Designing things for the future? This course will introduce you to carbon fibre and other composite materials that are creating new opportunities for industry and product design. Discover the design process, from the initial concept phase through to the design of a simple composite product.

Before you apply

As these short courses are available for a limited time, please ensure you familiarise yourself with these important details before applying:

  • These courses require minimum attendance. If we do not meet minimum numbers, you will be advised of the possible cancellation of the course.
  • These courses are available to year 11 & 12 students only.
  • These courses are only available to be studied online.
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