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If you need an Academic Transcript please order one online from UC Student Central.

If you need a Dean’s certificate, Conduct Report or GDLP letter, please fill out the online form below.

Please note that you may be required to submit additional document(s) when requested.

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Completion (Dean’s) certificate (Dean’s letter or Priestley 11 letter)

Depending on the jurisdiction you are seeking admission into, you may need to provide a Completion (Dean's) Certificate to be admitted to practice. This Certificate verifies that you have completed the Priestley 11.

You should only complete this form if you completed your Bachelor of Laws or Juris Doctor at UC . If you did not complete your Bachelor of Laws or Juris Doctor at UC, please contact the relevant University to obtain this.

This online application for letter of completion must be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the filing date of any given admission ceremony. Do not wait until you have completed all your courses to submit this form.

Conduct Report

Admission board details

GDLP letter

Student Declaration

The Canberra Law School, University of Canberra is collecting the information on this form to enable us to assist students enrolled in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs to complete their studies. This information will be shared with academic and professional staff members employed by the University of Canberra as required and confidentiality will be maintained. This information will also be shared with the relevant Legal Admissions Board as required for student admission.

I have read and acknowledge the above. *
I understand that a letter of completion can only be issued if I have enrolled in and received official grades for all Admission to Practice Units within the GDLP. *
I consent to an Academic Conduct Report being completed, if required by my selected jurisdiction. *
I have contacted or viewed the relevant admitting authority website to find out what the requirements are for admission. *