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Prof Rebekah Russell Bennett

Welcome to the Faculty of Business, Government and Law research portal. As the name of the faculty suggests, the research profile is diverse, across more than 100 active staff who contribute to its research effort who are members of either the three schools and research centres.

In research performance terms, the Faculty is an important part of an overall trajectory of dramatic growth in research performance and rankings for the university. Our research performance is well above the Australian standard, and in many cases well above world standard. For example, according to the most recent Excellence in Research for Australia report (ERA) the faculty boasts above world class research in politics and public administration and world standard research in Law.

This high standard research is often focussed on solving real world issues. Governance is a common theme, whether it be focussed on public participation and engagement, business and accounting practices, legal frameworks or political institutions and policy processes. Some common topics across the faculty include governance, regulatory and business responses to a changing environment (water, climate change, forestry), gender equality, information systems, indigenous communities, agricultural systems, health, economic impacts and various dimensions of the crisis of democracy — the rise of populism, trust in government, the democratic process and the impact of these on public deliberation and opinion formation.

Our research profile and strengths permit us to anticipate issues that are emerging as well as respond quickly to events. We are heavily involved in the University of Canberra’s research response to the recent Bushfire Crisis  and we are well placed to respond to the challenges posed be the COVID-19 crisis and its aftermath .

Our research is often focussed on the development and practice of regulatory and/or standards frameworks for diverse areas ranging from account, public communication (media and online), to genetic/genomic technologies. It concerns the mechanisms involved in their development, whether it be the legal context, or the democratic nature of the processes involved, as well as their operation. The scale of this research ranges from global systems of governance, right through to specific cases at the business enterprise level.

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