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Current Research Students

Student NameThesis TopicPrimary Supervisor
Krysler AdoeStart-up Social Entrepreneurs in Indonesia: Market Entry Barriers and Contribution to SocietyProfessor Dennis Foley
Putri AgritansiaImproving Governance and Sustainability Accountability: Alternative Environmental Management Accounting Tools for Local Public Sector Organisation at Emerging EconomiesDr David Carter
Sulaiman AhmadPerformance Measurement and Performance Effect of the Agile Project Management Framework: A Case study of the Australian Public SectorDr Irfan Khan
Fathimath AliRelationship between Leadership Style and Satisfaction of the Employees in Small-Medium Enterprise (SME's) in MaldivesDr Jennifer Loh
Najla AlomarDeterminants of Foreign Banks¿ Entry into a Developing Market: the case of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)Professor Milind Sathye
Munirah AlomranExploring Effective Talent Management Practices in Saudi Public UniversitiesDr Naomi Dale
Nawaf AlotaibiStrategic Management and its Effect on Organizations Performance: A Case Study of Companies and Ministries in the Kingdom Of Saudi ArabiaDr Majharul Talukder
Zeena Alsamarra'iFrom Knowledge to Action: Exploring the Interactions between Theory and PracticeProfessor Craig McDonald
Scott BaileyWhat Motivates Public Servants? An Australian Public Service Case StudyDr Naomi Dale
Hasnain BashirThe Power of Observing Incivility in WorkplaceDr Johra Fatima
Wichaya BoonlaiExploring Internal Audit in the Context of Local Government Democracy - NSW caseDr Barbara De Lima Voss
Wee Lin ChanMarkov Analysis of Manpower Needs: Evidence from Public Universities in SingaporeDr Irfan Khan
Purna  ChhetriDeveloping a model of Determinants of Financial Distress of Commercial Banks of Bhutan.Dr Peter Graham
Mui Hiong ChinConfucian Entrepreneurship in a Multicultural SocietyDr Sarvjeet Kaur Chatrath
Edmund ChylinskiSmart work in the public sector: A study of the Australian Capital Territory GovernmentProfessor Richard Hu
Jade Clarke-CrossmanWhat is 'True' Customer Success: What are the Various CS Models Implemented Today and the Value Drivers Behind ThemProfessor David Carter
Yaqin DuanHow Sustainable Facilities Management Contributes to the Organisational Life Cycle Cost Management Success in Singapore? From Facilities Manager's Prospective ViewDr Barbara De Lima Voss
Judy EmilySearching for value and counting the costs of a road less travelledDr Margaret Patrickson
Caroline GibbinsIndigenous Small Business Financing in the Australian Capital Territory: An Exploratory StudyDr Peter Graham
Christian GurtnerCould Artificial Intelligence Solve the Growing Labour Cost Issues and Shrinking Profit Margins in the Luxury Hospitality IndustryDr Naomi Dale
Ismail HassanRelationship between Accounts Receivable Management Practices and Financial Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in MaldivesDr Angela Tan-Kantor
Md Rabiul IslamFactors Influencing the Performance of Sexually Diverse Teams

Dr Irfan Khan

Kristyn JacksonPatient reflexivity and capability in value co-creation and self-managementProfessor Raechel Johns
Pa Pa Thwin HmaineCreative Growth Strategies in Disruptive Market: How Disruptive Transformation is Shaping the Future of the Print IndustryDr Ben Ellway
Muhammad HussaneeThe Mediating Effect of Fear on the Negative Relationship Between Authoritarian Leadership and Avoidance Base Behaviours, Moderated by Power Distance OrientationDr Jennifer Loh
Dhananjay JadhavImpact of Team Formation Practices of Team Trust, Collaboration, Cohesion and on ProjectDr Johra Fatima
Frank JensenPublic sector innovation management: A single case study analysis from an organisational ambidexterity perspective.Professor Raechel Johns
Jin Jian ChiaA Comparative Study on Fintech Valuation ApproachesProfessor Milind Sathye
Raghuvir Kelkar Professor Milind Sathye
King Ling KhooThe Impact of Leadership Styles on Employee Motivation and Commitment: A Study of Sales People and Performance in Media Organisations in SingaporeDr Irfan Khan
Jun Tian LauSingapore's Cybersecurity Talent Challenge: An Empirical Study into the Retention and Development of Cybersecurity Practitioners within SingaporeProfessor Ali Quazi
Stanislaw LeszcynskiApplication of Forensic Accounting Methods and Methodologies while Conducting Financial Crime Investigations or Auditing within the Australian Public ServiceProfessor Monir Mir
Katie  LeyThe rationale behind higher education partnerships between Australian institutions and those in the developing worldDr David Carter
Xiao Li What's the Meaning of `Prudence' in Pre-and-After 2010 Conceptual Framework for Preparers in Australia and its Impact on Their Daily Accounting PracticeDr Barbara De Lima Voss
Paul LigerosDeveloping Information Architecture (IA) quality through the emergence of Thriving Systems TheoryDr Dale Kleeman
Mohammad MalikImproving quality of early childhood education programs in Singapore: A stakeholder approach using participatory action researchDr Sharon Eng
Hugh MasonTowards a Pattern Language for Effective Deep Tech Startup MentorshipProfessor David Carter
Louise MayoAn exploratory study of tactics and strategies in career success among IT Professionals in the Australian Public ServiceDr David Carter
Katrin McLeodThe Political Economy of Sustainability: the Case of Eco-certificationDr Barbara De Lima Voss
Desmond MunInvestigating I-Ching based Philosophy of Change in Western Model in Business Change Leadership Management in Singapore ContextDr Jennifer Loh
Murtaza MurtazaThe Protection of Stakeholder Interests by Financial Service Authority: A Case Study of Indonesia Financial Services Authority (OJK)Dr David Carter
Scott NicholsTransformational Services in the Higher Education Sector in Australia - Are Universities Ready for Digital Natives?Professor Raechel Johns
Sadie-Jane NunisDoes Local Brand Bias Exist: How Does Local Brand Bias Impact Consumer Decision-Making in a Diverse, Developed South East Asian CountryProfessor Raechel Johns
Eunice Oteng OwusuStrategic Management: How Entrepreneurs Cope After Experiencing Business FailureProfessor Raechel Johns
Scott PearsallAn examination of the impact job-related stressors on the mental health of lawyers in the ACTProfessor Lawrence Pratchett
Dian PermatatiA strong structuration theory study of public-private partnerships in IndonesiaDr David Carter
Yaser ParachaUnderstanding Development of Islamic Banking in Pakistan - A Critical PerspectiveDr David Carter
Thi Phuong PhamNavigating the Labyrinth: Experiences of Female Academic Leaders in VietnameseDr Ben Ellway
Sasikumaran PillaiA case study of ISO tanker drivers in SingaporeProfessor Richard Hu
Jonathan PohStudy on Effect of Ethnicity on perception of leadership attributes in MNCs in SingaporeDr Margaret Patrickson
Nafan RafidA Meso-Level Study of the Adoption, Implementation and Internalisation of Accrual Accounting in the Indonesian Public Sector Asset ManagementDr Harun Harun
Noor Romy RahwaniXBRL based G2G Accounting Information Sharing in IndonesiaDr Blooma Johns
Junaedi SaibihHuman Rights in Indonesia: A Case Study of Tanjung Priok KillingsDr David Carter
Darren SchaefferUnderstanding the accountants' role and factorsProfessor Monir Mir
Keng Seng OngPredictive Supply Chain for Lean Service Operations in the Healthcare IndustryDr Irfan Khan
Asma ShabbirIntegrated Reporting and Value Creation Process - Understanding the role of management control systems and performance managementDr Irfan Khan
Chia  Soon LanPerformance Measurement and the Reward System in Singapore: Challenges and ChangesDr Douglas Davies
Mark StevensonA Systematic Exploration of the Factors Affecting the AUD-USD Exchange Rate Using Machine Learning Predictive AlgorithmsDr Bomikazi Zeka
Hendri SyukriA Discourse Analysis Concerning the Performativity of the Performance Audit in IndonesiaDr David Carter
Jakir TalukderConceptualising and Validating Measurement Scales for Supplier Social Responsibility (SSR)Professor Ali Quazi
Bian TanPersonalized Medicine: Driving Innovation to Private Healthcare Providers in Southeast AsiaDr Irfan Khan
Teck TanEffect of Facilty Management on Organizational Performance in the Hotel Industry in Singapore: A Case StudyDr Naomi Dale
Nicholas ThistletonTowards a National Policy Framework and System for Cities and Regions in AustraliaDr Richard Hu
Dr Hitomi Nakanishi
Melinda TimpsonUnderstanding the changes in university education over the last 30 years using the expectations of an undergraduate course in accounting as a case study.Dr David Carter
Kit Kiong TongEntrepreneurial Leadership Styles and Innovation in Small and Medium Enterprises on Firm PerformanceProfessor Raechel Johns
Rajeevan VeeduDistributed Ledger Technology in Payments, Clearing, and Settlement Process in Financial IntermediariesDr Abu Mollik
Arief WahyudiThe Impacts of Public Internal and External Audit on Indonesian's Corruption Eradication and Good Government Governance InitiativesDr Harun Harun
Ai Lin WongThe Lived Experiences of Repatriation to SingaporeDr David Carter
Xinmei WuArtificial Intelligence: How to Integrate Seamlessly in Air Freight Service Sector in LogisticsProfessor Richard Hu
Jing Xian NgEmployee Engagement: Exploring the Effects of Rapid and Widescale Technology Adoption in Business OrganisationDr Md Saleh
Lili ZhangDeterminants of the Adoption of Virtual Community at the Organizational Level in ChinaDr Majharul Talukder
Student NameThesis TopicPrimary Supervisor

Michaella Bangard

Responding to the Overrepresentation of Indigenous Peoples in the Criminal Justice System: Tackling Systemic DiscriminationProfessor Alison Gerard
Raka BhattacharyaThe analysis of the journey from Amadio to Kakavas: relationship between the doctrine of unconscionable conduct and changing moral standardsProfessor Maree Sainsbury
Paula Chadderton'I just found this can you take a look' - An examination of approaches to regulation to prevent money laundering through public-private information sharing arrangementsDr Benedict Sheehy
Juan Jose Diaz-Granados PrietoLegal Foundations of the Sharing Economy: An Uber Case StudyDr Benedict Sheehy
Keziah JuddWhat is 'Real' Sexual Harassment and a 'Good' Complainant? Views from the Legislation, Judicial Officers and the MediaProfessor Patricia Easteal
Zebiniso NasirovaChallenges in the Development of International Legal Regimes: Coherence, Interpretation and DiversityDr Benedict Sheehy
Thanh Huong (Tina) NguyenThe Use of TRIPS Flexibilities to Improve Sustainable Access to Essential Medicines in Developing Countries: Which Flexibilities suit Vietnam?Dr Bruce Arnold
Scott PearsallA Comparative Study of Lawyer Mental HealthProfessor Lawrence Pratchett
Kelly SaundersGeneralised Flexible Work - A Feminist Lens on Changing Institutional Responses and Personal Settings During Covid-19Professor Kim Rubenstein
Jessica WhiteMuted Voices: Can we hear her now?Professor Patricia Easteal
Perry WoodComparative Examination of Australian and Canadian Refugee Policy and LawProfessor Alison Gerard
Student NameThesis TopicPrimary Supervisor
Phillipa Margaret BrennanAged Care Services in Community and Residential Care in Australia Practices, Programs and Policies for Aged Care in Australia Reform Possibilities in the Aged Care SectorProfessor Linda Botterill
Yuyang ChenRetirees' Consumption: Their Consumption Behaviour and Pattern, and How They Are Related to Social Security/Tax PolicyDr Xiaodong Gong
Melissa GrinlintonInterests, influence and increasing emissions: A political economy analysis of vested interests on climate change policy in AustraliaDr Ben Freyens
Afsaneh HaghbinThe Relationship Between Technology, Innovation and Foreign Trade in IranDr Craig Applegate
Neil MacdonaldIntra-Indigenous politics within Indigenous communities in the context of the forthcoming proposed constitutional referendum on Indigenous recognitionProfessor Mary Walsh
Friedel MarquardtThe Politics of Power: How Powerful are the Powerful in our 21st Century Political Landscape?Professor Mary Walsh
Gregory MowleThe Help Seeking behaviour of those in financial hardship in AustraliaProfessor Anne Daly
Alina QamarGlobalization and Socioeconomic Convergence: A Case of Selected Developed and Developing CountriesProfessor Craig Applegate
Weisheng WangApplied Behavioral Economics on Digital Age's Business ModelsProfessor Craig Applegate
Student NameThesis TopicPrimary SupervisorCentre
Adyawarman AdyawarmanSeeking Legitimacy for Governance Innovations in a Decentralised Indonesia: The Case of Batang Regency (2012-2017)Dr Lain DareCentre for Change Governance
Rawdha Almansooribuilding innovation capacity to the governance of scholarship programs: the case of UAEDr Brendan McCaffrieCentre for Change Governance
Taufik DamhuriFactors that Influence Success or Failure of Coordination Practices in the Central Government of IndonesiaProfessor John HalliganCentre for Change Governance
Roger DavisHow can deliberative democracy improve indigenous engagement in Australia?Dr Lain DareCentre for Change Governance
Jennifer DuxburySee and Avoid: The Contribution of Lawyers in Government Practice to Values Laden Policy DebatesProfessor Linda BotterillCentre for Change Governance
Ian FitzgeraldThe relationship between prime ministers' personalities and their electoral successProfessor Mark EvansCentre for Change Governance
Flavia HanlenPath Dynamics: The evolution of industry policy in Australia - A Historic Institutionalist PerspectiveProfessor David MarshCentre for Change Governance
Emdadul HaqueMicrofinance and Economic Growth. An Analysis of Cross-country Microfinance in a Macroeconomic ContextProfessor Craig ApplegateCentre for Change Governance
Raymond HawkeEssential elements for success in public sector organisational performance managementProfessor John HalliganCentre for Change Governance
Hajime IsozakiWhat Determines Pathways of Digital Innovation in Contemporary Australian and Japanese Public Services?Dr Max HalupkaCentre for Change Governance
David McKennaWhat impact has innovation, and the innovation ecosystem in Australia had on public policy development, delivery, and the APS How does this compare with global leaders in innovation, and entrepreneurialism?Professor Mark EvansCentre for Change Governance
Nicole MooreEnhancing the legitimacy of public sector decisions through co-design and deliberative engagementsProfessor Mark EvansCentre for Change Governance
Haris MubarakPolitical Campaigning in Changing Cleavage Structure: Comparative Study of Indonesia and MalaysiaDr Michael JensenCentre for Change Governance
Josephine MummeryClimate change adaptation in corporate organisations: an institutional approach to understanding how science can contribute to transformational decisionmaking in AustraliaDr Darren SinclairCentre for Change Governance
Anita PhillipsThe complex journey from community activism to the "street": what effect did interactions within policy networks have on the development of the policy of the National Disability Insurance Scheme?Dr Darren SinclairCentre for Change Governance
Christy RichardsMadame President: The Connection between the conceptual modelling of women politicians and their circumstancesDr Brendan McCaffrieCentre for Change Governance
Diane PhillipsThe Unintended Consequences of Modern Power Constituting Neoliberal Logic in University Research Governance and PracticeProf David MarshCentre for Change Governance
Rohmat RohmatKey Features and Accountability of Public Private Partnerships in the Context of Indonesian Public Asset ManagementProfessor John HalliganCentre for Change Governance
Helen SellersThe Australia-India Maritime Security Relationship: Navigating the Currents of Strategic CultureProfessor Diane StoneCentre for Change Governance
Ubaydur SiddikiUnderstanding IWRM using Policy Network: Implication for BangladeshDr Lain DareCentre for Change Governance
Hamish SinclairThe aestheticiziation of strategic planningDr Lain DareCentre for Change Governance
Faizan Ul HasanCollective Wisdom in Individual Actions: Integrating Water Governance Systems for Agricultural Water SecurityDr Darren SinclairCentre for Change Governance
Ario WicaksonoAcademics in Public Office: A Study of Academic Administrative Entrepreneurs (AAEs) as Agents of Policy Transfer in Indonesia's Administrative ReformProfessor Diane StoneCentre for Change Governance
Mohammad Abdul-HwasWhat role does deliberation play in the governance of the Syrian refugee crisis?Dr Nicole CuratoCentre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance
Nardine AlnemrOrdinary citizens and intelligent machines: Algorithms in deliberative systemsDr Simon NiemeyerCentre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance
Jane AlverPolitics of Inclusion and Exclusion in the Case of International Women's Rights AdvocacyDr Selen ErcanCentre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance
Pierrick ChalayeDoes deliberative capacity enhance the ability of states to mainstream biodiversity? Comparing France and AustraliaProfessor John DryzekCentre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance
Madeleine EganConstitution Making in Chile: A Deliberative Systems PerspectiveProfessor John DryzekCentre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance
Anne JedziniTo What Extent Can City Councils in Australia Be an Institution for Deliberative Power-sharing? A New Governance Framework for Elected RepresentativesDr Nicole CuratoCentre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance
Wendy LambInclusiveness of climate adaptation governance: Using a deliberative systems approach to understand multi-level decision-making about adaptation in VietnamProfessor John DryzekCentre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance
Emerson  SanchezDiscourses of Development and Disasters: Shocks and Responses in Philippine MiningProf John DryzekCentre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance
Vuong Anh DangHousehold Economic Inequality in AustraliaDr Jinjing LiNational Centre for Social and Economic Modelling
Patricia GrayTo Tell or Not to Tell: Disability Disclosure in the Australian Public Serviceprofessor Laurie BrownNational Centre for Social and Economic Modelling
Van Joe IbayConverting Public Health Science into Public Policies and Implementation: Exploring the Political and Social Determinants of Health in the PhilippinesProfessor Laurie BrownNational Centre for Social and Economic Modelling
Umi JulaihahBehavioural Intention to Use Debit Cards in Indonesia: The Users' Perspective AnalysisDr Riyana MirantiNational Centre for Social and Economic Modelling
Gregory MahonyGrowth and Institutions for the Knowledge Economy and the Regulation of Foreign Direct Investment.Dr Cameron GordonNational Centre for Social and Economic Modelling
Wahyu MusukhalAgencification and Performance Contracting: An Empirical Study of the Dynamics of Dialogue and Trust in Semi-Autonomous Agencies in IndonesiaDr Yogi VidyattamaNational Centre for Social and Economic Modelling
Nhung Thi Cam NguyenShort- and long-term participation tax rates (PTRs) and their impacts on labor force participation: The case of AustraliaDr Jinjing LiNational Centre for Social and Economic Modelling
William Pacheco JaramilloProsocial Activities can increase Individual¿s Subjective Wellbeing. An Ecuadorian Case StudyDr Riyana MirantiNational Centre for Social and Economic Modelling
Richard PercivalToo Few Hours? The Interaction of Work and Family Care in an Ageing AustraliaProfessor Robert TantonNational Centre for Social and Economic Modelling
Gul Rukh ShakirThe Impact Of First Home Purchasers' Cash Grant Schemes On Distribution Of Homeownership Rates; A Case Study Of First Home Owners Grant SchemeDr Yogi VidyattamaNational Centre for Social and Economic Modelling
Isabella TooleChoice or Inequality in Care?Professor Robert TantonNational Centre for Social and Economic Modelling
Zuhairan YunanThe Impact of Corruption on Regional Economic Performance in IndonesiaDr Yogi VidyattamaNational Centre for Social and Economic Modelling
Shuran ZhangEmpirical Studies on Peer Effects in Australian SchoolsProfessor Laurie BrownNational Centre for Social and Economic Modelling