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Mooting and Advocacy Competitions

Mooting, a long-standing practice Appellate advocacy event, along with the various local and national advocacy competitions, are an integral part of the Canberra Law School Experience. Canberra Law Students have been successful locally, nationally and even internationally in competitions ranging from criminal prosecutions to international arbitrations including the prestigious Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot.

Courtroom Training and Professional Services

The UC Moot Court is one of the first technology-orientated courtrooms in Australia. It is an ideal facility for gaining court experience without the pressure of a real courtroom and is regularly used for:

  • Research
  • Teaching
  • Mooting
  • Professional training, testing and evaluation by external organisations
  • Remote hearings that require conditions of maximum confidentiality.

Find our Moot Court at Bruce Campus, ACT, Building 11, level B.

Moot Court capabilities

In addition to wireless internet access through the University of Canberra network, the following services are available through the Moot Court technology:

  • audio-video enabled presentations and recording
  • document and PowerPoint presentations
  • video conferencing
  • internet-based communication and presentations

Feel free to contact us for any other services or facilities that you need and we will do out best to provide the necessary technology.

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