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Industry Engagement

The Canberra Business School recognises the importance of engaging with organisations in Canberra and the region, and is unique in being able to offer professional development opportunities, both for students seeking industry experience, and for industry seeking to support professional development for their staff.

Engaging an Intern

A student internship is not only central to the student journey, it can also benefit your organisation, bringing fresh ideas and perspective to the work you do. Our aim is to foster a great match between student and organisation, so that the organisation gains new ideas while the student learns contemporary workplace skills on the job. We support this partnership through:

  • Integrating industry projects into our classes, where students work on a real-world challenge your organisation is facing.
  • Facilitating guest lectures and workshops in your field of expertise.
  • Offering flexible options for employing a graduate for a short-term project, or ongoing part-time or full-time opportunity.

For more information on engaging an intern please contact:

Executive Education

The experts at the University of Canberra’s Canberra Business School offer a number of Executive Education Programs, from customised programs through to short courses on a variety of topics.

A customised Executive Education program enables organisations to focus on skill gaps, areas for organisational growth, ‘hot topics’ in Business, or specific areas where the organisation is seeking relevant thought leadership. The advantage of a customised program is the ability to tailor content to the industry, and for workshopping of ideas to be industry specific. We can tailor your Executive Education program to meet your timeframes, from a couple of hours, through to days, or weeks. We can also offer degrees tailored to organisational requirements. We can work with your organisation to consider learning objectives, program style and other requirements to meet your organisational needs.

Please email to discuss your Executive Education needs.