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More than just lab coats and test tubes

From discovering the secrets of the human body, to learning how to conserve the environment we live in; a science degree from UC can give you endless opportunity.

Choosing science at UC is so much more than lab coats and test tubes. You'll explore the science behind the human body, investigate medically important pathogens or forensic chemistry capable of convicting criminals.

Striking the perfect balance between theory and practice, the real-world experience gained throughout your degree will prepare you for success in whatever you decide comes next.

Why study science at UC

Australia’s top 20%

UC science is ranked in Australia’s top 20 percent for overall educational experience.

2021, Good Universities Guide

Top 4 in Australia

Science at UC is in the top four for graduate employment.

2018, Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching

#1 in the ACT

Science at UC is ranked #1 in the ACT for employment, median salaries, student support and overall educational experience.

2021, Good Universities Guide

Strong industry connections

Meet the right people in the right places. Thanks to our extensive industry contacts, you can establish strong, professional connections long before you graduate.

World-leading facilities

As a science student at UC, you’ll get access to several world-class teaching, learning and research laboratories. From our biomedical research facility, to forensics laboratory and freshwater ecology laboratory, there’s no shortage of space to discover the next scientific breakthrough.

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Kirsty Cleburne

University gives you important skills for the workforce. It is not just about the information you are given, it is what you do with it. Picture yourself at the coast, soaking up the sunshine with like-minded science enthusiasts and knowledgeable professionals discovering the world around you and its many complexities. What more could you want?

Kirsty Cleburne
Bachelor of Environmental Science | Environmental Consultant and Operations Officer, Environment Protection Authority

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