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The University of Canberra is deeply committed to representing the rights and interests of all people that are part of the UC community. Our goal is to promote a culture of respect for diversity and inclusion so that all people – no matter their sexuality, gender, religion, race or ability – feel valued as members of UC.

We want all people to feel celebrated for who they are and continue to improve the ways that we communicate with and engage diverse groups of people. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is articulated in the University Strategic Plan, Distinctive by Design.

Through various channels, the University of Canberra aims to support people from LGBTIQ+ communities to meet their full potential during their time at UC.  We have a wonderful network of supportive people at UC who can provide guidance, advice, mentorship and information about LGBTIQ+ initiatives on campus.

The University has established an Ally Network which aims to provide a visible network of mentors and support for people that identify as LGBTIQ+ and their allies. In addition, the University of Canberra Rainbow Group provides a direct support for LGBTIQ+ students. More information about both of these groups can be found below.

Rainbow UC and the Ally Network regularly work together to promote various campaigns and initiatives on campus and in the broader community, such as UC Safe Week, Pride Month, Spring Out and International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism and Transphobia.

In addition to the specific LGBTIQ+ groups listed above, the University of Canberra also offers personalised and tailored services to students from diverse groups, including Medical and Counselling support, Careers support and general welfare and well-being support. We have staff that have been specifically trained through the Ally Network training program to ensure that they are able to treat all enquiries with the sensitivity and respect that all staff and students deserve.

Contact us at the Ally Network for more information about how you can get involved with supporting LGBTIQ+ communities on campus.