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Sharing information on WeChat and WhatsApp: Generational and cultural differences among Chinese and Australian messaging app users

Project summary

With the rapid uptake of digital platforms in both China and Australia, the ways of accessing and sharing information have become diverse. In particular, the uses of messaging apps to share information and news have grown, with news consumers taking part in group discussions, indicating a preference for more private and less confrontational space to share news and information.

This study explores this emerging trend of information sharing and communication via messaging apps focusing on technological (WhatsApp vs WeChat), generational (Under 35 vs 35+) and socio-cultural (China vs Australia) factors by conducting a cross-cultural and generational study.

Focus group interviews in both countries will be conducted to better understand information sharing activities on messaging apps. This study will provide a deeper understanding of how digital platforms are used by citizens to share and circulate information in different cultural contexts.

Project team

Jee Young Lee
Sora Park
Sun Ping, Institute of Journalism and Communication, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Chen He, Hunan University of Commerce