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Safe Online Together:

an integrated approach to navigating the risks and opportunities of digital media for families and young people


Safe Online Together aims to develop and deliver a series of evidence-based, innovative workshops, school presentations and online resources to provide families with school-aged children with the skills to balance the risks and opportunities of digital technologies and reduce family conflict around technology use.  By training young people to deliver the programs to parents and children as a family unit, the project aims to promote intergenerational knowledge and understanding, facilitate discussion about managing online risks, and develop a set of tailored family protocols for digital technology use amongst families.

The program and resources are being developed by researchers from the News & Media Research Centre at the University of Canberra and by community work specialists at Community Services #1 and Capital Region Community Services. It draws on a substantial body of empirical research and deep understanding of community needs. The pilot program will be delivered to families throughout the Canberra region in partnership with local community services organisations. It aims to change the perception of young people as vulnerable risk takers in the online environment, and instead support them to share their knowledge about managing their online presence with younger peers and families. This process will facilitate intergenerational discussion to enhance the relevance of strategies to minimise risks and increase uptake of online opportunities to children and young people’s actual experiences online. It will empower parents and guardians to manage their families’ online behaviours and practices.


Online Safety Grants Program, eSafety Commissioner

Other Partners

Community Services #1

Capital Region Community Services

Safe Online Together Team

Chief Investigators

Dr Catherine Page Jeffery, Lecturer in Communication and Media, University of Canberra

Dr Yoonmo Sang, Senior Lecturer in Communication and Media, University of Canberra

Professor Kerry McCallum, Director, N&MRC, University of Canberra

Other Team Members

Susan Atkinson, Research Assistant and Project Officer, University of Canberra