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Mobile Indonesians

Social differentiation and digital literacies in the twenty-first century

Mobile Indonesians
Image courtesy Bali Health Foundation

Australian Research Council Discovery Project DP130102990

Duration: 2013-16
Fieldwork sites: Denpasar, Makassar - Indonesia

Research team

Dr Emma Baulch, QUT
Associate Professor Jerry Watkins, UC
Professor Ariel Heryanto, ANU


Mobile Indonesians is the first dedicated study of the social implications of mobile telephony's recent and rapid popularization throughout Indonesia. The research team is conducting fieldwork in Denpasar and Makassar with multiple communities of interest and practice in order to understand how mobile content and devices are shaping new and unexpected communicative ecologies.

Presentations and seminars to date

Universitas Gajah Mada, Faculty of Cultural Science

'Asian Media and Cultural Studies Now', Monash Asia Institute, Monash U.

International Communications Association regional conference, QUT

Indonesia Study Group, ANU

Asian Conference on Cultural Studies, Osaka, Japan

'Cities and mobile subjects' workshop, Institute for Culture and Society, UWS

'New Uses of Literacy' symposium, CSAA Intermezzo, UNSW


Australian Research Council Discovery Project scheme

Contact information

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