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Cross institutional and non-award applications

Cross institutional and non award study are a great way to make the most of UC's flexible study arrangements.

Cross institutional study is for:

  • Students currently enrolled at another Australian university wishing to complete units at UC
  • Current UC students wishing to study units at another Australian university to be credited toward their UC degree.
Non award study is for:
  • studying individual units at UC without leading to the award of a degree

If you are currently enrolled in a degree at another Australian university and would like to complete units at UC, you can apply as a cross institutional student. The units you study at UC will be credited towards your degree at your home university.

To apply, ensure you have approval from your home university and then apply online when you're ready using one of the below course codes that best fits your desired study. You can apply online by visiting our online application portal.

Course CodeCourse Name
213AAUndergraduate Cross Institutional - for domestic students only
214AAPostgraduate Cross Institutional - for domestic students only
315ZANon Award / Cross Institutional Program - for international students only

As a current UC student you may apply to study units at another Australian university and have them credited towards your UC degree. To apply:

  1. Fill in the online UC cross-institutional approval request form
    • A unit outline from the external institution will be required as supporting documentation to be submitted with this.

    Note: Once UC approves your cross-institutional application the Student Progress and Graduation team will enroll you in a shell unit titled ‘Approved Cross-Institutional Studies’ for the year and semester you have been approved for. This will be visible in your list of enrolled units in your MyUC. You are only enrolled in this shell unit once per semester, even if you are enrolled in multiple units at the host university.

  2. Fill in the cross-institutional application form from the host university
  3. Have the host university form signed and stamped by a Senior Student Centre staff member, before submitting to the host university. This can be done in person at the Student Centre in Building 1 on campus, or (if you are not studying on campus) emailed to the Student Centre.

Once you have completed your cross institutional units you need to provide a copy of your official academic transcript from the host university via email to the Student Centre. Alternatively, you may also provide this in person to the UC Student Centre in person at Building 1 on campus.

The unit/s you completed will appear as credit on your UC transcript, as the shell unit ‘Approved Cross-Institutional Studies’ will have its grade changed to NAS (Non-Assessed).

Enrolling as a non award student lets you study individual units without leading to the award of a whole degree. You might like to complete individual units for your personal interest or professional development.

Non award study is not commonwealth supported and you will be required to pay your fees upfront. For detailed information on the units available at UC, search our courses and units database.

To apply, complete an online application to one of the below courses that best suits your desired study.

Course CodeCourse Name
140AANon Award Studies (examinable) - for domestic students only
315ZANon Award / Cross Institution Program - for international students only

Once approved you will be sent a UC offer letter with instructions on how to accept your offer. Your fees for non award study must be paid upfront before census date. You can obtain a statement of account outlining your fees using the MyUC student portal.