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Accelerated Pathways Program

UC's Accelerated Pathways Program allows ACT Year 11 students to study on-campus and earn credit towards a UC degree. This unique opportunity provides the chance to experience what University study is really like and get a step ahead of the pack.

Get ahead at UC!

Studying in the University of Canberra Accelerated Pathways Program will complement your ACT Year 11 and 12 College studies and give you access to the library, computer systems and modern learning and research facilities at UC.

You'll thrive in an environment where innovation, collaboration and hands-on experience unite to expand your horizons and create a pathway to your future.

Why study in the Accelerated
Pathways Program

The UC Accelerated Pathways Program is a great way to get a taste of what to study for your future career.

Study an ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies accredited H Course.

Complete two units towards your Year 12 Senior Secondary School Certificate and ATAR.

Be considered for early entry offers into relevant UC courses.

Earn credit towards University studies at UC in the subject areas completed.

Don't miss a key date

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Explore our courses of study

Systemic Anatomy and Physiology

Investigate the structure and function of the human body including cells, tissues and organs, exploring the interrelationships and the regulation of physiological functions.

Understanding People and Behaviour

Analyse and unpack psychological research and psychologists methods to understand why people think and behave as they do across a selection of common real-world situations.

Creative Writing

This unit engages students with diverse forms of imaginative writing, while introducing concepts that are core to sound creative development.

Politics and Democracy

Politics and Democracy provides a comprehensive overview of the study of democratic theory and its translation into political practice from Plato and Aristotle to the twenty first century international context.

Performance Analysis in Sport

Learn to capture, analyse, and interpret sporting performance using real competition data.


A H course classification is a Year 11 and 12 course which is provided by an Australian higher education provider; in this case, the University of Canberra.

Successful completion of a H course can be used to meet the requirements for an ACT Senior Secondary Certificate and Tertiary Entrance Statement. The course scores you achieve in the program may contribute towards your Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) calculation.

This program will give you the opportunity to study on campus at the University of Canberra. You will gain access to the library, computer systems and modern facilities at UC.

Completion of this course will be credited toward your ACT Senior Secondary Certificate and can be used in the calculation of your Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).

Students who successfully undertake studies in the Accelerated Pathways Program can receive conditional early entry offers into UC, as well as earn credit towards their studies at UC in the subject areas completed.

No. All courses are timetabled to occur on the same day and time, therefore study in two courses is not possible.

Yes. You may choose to apply for more than one course area that complements what you are studying at your home college. Appropriate co-requisites apply. Applicants should state their course preference in the relevant section when submitting their application as a placement will only be offered in one course area.

The Accelerated Pathways Program is open to Australian domestic students and permanent residents. Year 11 students undertaking an appropriate co-requisite course in an ACT college are eligible to apply.

Course Co-requisites
Anatomy and Physiology Exercise Science T, Biology T, Human Biology T, or Chemistry T
Psychology Psychology T, or Sociology T
Creative Writing Creative Writing English T, Literature T, or English as Additional Language T
Politics and Democracy Australian & Global Politics T, Ancient, Pre-Modern or Modern History T, Global Studies T, World Religions T, Sociology T, or Legal Studies T
Visual Communication (Digital Design) Design and Graphics T, Designed Environments T, Design and Emerging Technologies T, Design and Textiles T, or Visual Arts/ Specialised Visual Arts/ Studies in Visual Arts T
Meeting Environmental Challenges Biology T, Chemistry T, Earth and Environmental Sciences T, Geography T, or Interdisciplinary Science T

All classes are held on Wednesday afternoons on UC campus (Bruce) for 2 hours: 4:45pm to 6:45pm. The program is delivered during ACT Public School Terms 2-4 of Year 11, and continues in Terms 1-3 of Year 12.

This program is free to students. Any subsequent studies undertaken at UC after the completion of Year 12 will be subject to the relevant fees.

Applicants are required to submit an online form which includes a Learner Reflection Statement and a H Course Selection Statement. Applicants will need to nominate a representative from their home college/school to support their suitability for the program. Please refer to the ‘Application how-to’ document on this site for assistance in completing the application process.

Once applications have closed, all applicants will be sent a link to complete an online one-way interview.

Students will be selected by a panel consisting of a UC and ACT Government and Non-Government sector representatives. Written applications and interviews will be assessed using the Selection Criteria Report.

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