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Understanding People and Behaviour

Course overview

Be introduced to the science and research underpinning the discipline of applied psychology. Analyse and unpack psychological research to understand why people think and behave as they do across a selection of common real-world situations.

Explore the methods psychologists use in their research, the science of psychological measurement and learn how to make sense of, unpack and summarise psychological research articles in a structured and systematic way.

Investigate a range of theories that explain how people change their behaviour, why teams do not always work well, how people might make sense of the behaviour of others, why we judge people, how people can manage stress effectively, what the most common forms of psychological disorders are and how they are managed. After exploring the research, apply theory to understand what is occurring in a range of real-world problems and then use scientific evidence to provide workable solutions.


To be eligible students must be studying one of the following majors in their home college.

  • Psychology T
  • Sociology T


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