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Work integrated learning toolkit

Thinking about taking on a work integrated learning (WIL) student.

Before a student commences

  • Ensure there is tangible and productive work a student can contribute to and learn from.
  • Notify UC of any licences or approvals required for the workplace, e.g. working with vulnerable people card, policy clearance, etc.
  • Student has been provided all necessary document, e.g. position description, terms and conditions, confidentiality agreement, dress codes, etc.
  • Student and employer have a clear agreement in regards to days and hours of work.

Once the WIL opportunity is confirmed

  • Thoroughly read the insurance confirmation letter that is provided by UC.
  • Student is booked in for workplace inductions and appropriate orientations.
  • Student is paired with a workplace mentor who can provide them support and appropriate supervision.
  • A work space and necessary tools have been organised.

Whilst the student is working

During the workplace induction and orientation ensure the student is:

  • Provided with all health and safety policies, including:
    • procedures for reporting accidents
    • emergency and evacuation procedures
    • a tour of the building and facilities.
  • Introduced to their supervisor to jointly review the student's learning agreement.
  • Regularly checked on to ensure they're fully contributing.

Get in touch with UC if:

  • the student is involved in any workplace accident
  • there are any concerns about attendance or commitment.