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Ms CaraJane Millar


Professional Practice Convener


  • BHSc(SpPath) (Bachelor of Health Science - Speech Pathology)
  • MHA, GCert (Org.Coach)
  • PhD candidate


CaraJane’s early career experiences working in a rural and semi-remote health service forced her to think differently about best practice allied health care, to critically analyse a situation and determine the most appropriate course of action given limited resources, access and time.

CaraJane has worked in academia, hospitals, community health, philanthropy, social justice, CALD and refugee health, and state government. CaraJane has spoken and published nationally and internationally and is currently involved in a study on Global Citizenship and the effect of Social entrepreneurship on undergraduate Speech Pathologists and Health Professionals as a part of her academic role.

CaraJane’s Master in Health Management changed her thinking in project planning and design and her post graduate training in coaching has cemented her intrinsic value of empathy and investing in people. All of the above combined makes CaraJane a person-centred, dynamic and critical thinker that has developed many innovations to date that are being utilised nationally.



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