Future of Food in the Canberra Region

Enhancing our local food system

Recent system-level disruptions – flood, drought, bushfires, pandemics – raise many questions about the ability of local food systems to continue to provide: is the Canberra food system sufficiently resilient to adapt to future disruption? If not, how can we make it so?

UC has risen to this challenge through the Future of Food in the Canberra Region initiative – a collaboration bringing together multidisciplinary experts to develop integrative strategies to enhance local food system resilience and sustainability.

The initiative features a comprehensive research profile, a range of education opportunities, public advocacy and expert consultancy towards providing the community with the food needed for health and wellbeing, without undermining the natural environment.

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Academics and sporting greats collaborate

UC alumnus Ben Alexander is on a journey to improve the nutrition and overall health of society with Alfred, an energy management app.

The nutritive path to better mental health

UC Associate Professor of Food Science and Human Nutrition Dr Nenad Naumovski explores nutraceuticals, bioactives and dietary approaches that could impact mental health.

Supermarket shelves stripped bare?

Recent COVID-19 induced panic buying has raised concerns about food security for many Australians. While there’s plenty of food available...


Improving nutrition and health outcomes through local food systems

26 May 2022, 5pm–7pm

Listen to Canberra’s leading food and nutrition experts discuss why we need to build a much stronger local food system.

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The Future of Food in the Canberra Region initiative brings together experts across fields such as nutrition, food science, environmental sustainability, public health, design, and education.

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