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Business and Government Internships

Frequently Asked Questions

Students must be enrolled into a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) unit for an internship to count towards their degree.  Depending on the individual student’s degree and the appropriate unit undertaken, the student may receive 3, 6 or 12 credit points. There is also a 3 point unit (unit code 8506) available for PG students. The placement hours to be completed will depend on the Internship Unit you are enrolled into. Students are advised that they should check their study plan to ensure that an internship unit meets the requirements for the course progression towards their degree.

There are prerequisite requirements for internship units which students are required to meet before enrolment into an internship unit.  Please contact the Unit Convenor should you not meet the following requirements:

  • For our 3 point UG internships units (ie 11166, 11167 and 11168) you will require 24 credit points
  • For the 6 point UG internship (10158) you will require 48 credit points
  • For the 12 point UG internship (101236) you will require 48 credit points plus a GPA of 5.5 or above and be interviewed by the Unit Convenor
  • For the PG internship (8506) you will need to have completed 24 credit points

Students are advised that they should check their study plan to ensure that an internship unit meets the requirements for the course progression towards their degree. If you are not sure or need to update your study plan, students should contact the BGL Student Support Team ( for further advice.

If you are unable to self-enrol into the unit you will need to complete a Unit Registration Form (URF) available through your MyUC website or contact the BGL Internship Team at The URF will need to be approved by the Unit Convenor. You will then be able to submit the form to the student centre for further processing.

Your Unit Convener/s and Careers UC source a range of opportunities with local organisations, which are advertised on CareerHub, the university’s online careers notice board. Specific BGL internship opportunities can be viewed on this site here. Students are also encouraged to find their own internship, with an organisation of interest to their future career.

Careers UC services are available to assist students with all aspects of sourcing and applying for internships. The best way to access this is via their daily drop-in sessions.

Yes, this is possible but arrangements must be made and your placement approved by your Unit Convenor prior to enrolling in the internship unit.

The BGL Internship team are very happy to provide support to students considering and participating in internship opportunities.  This could include discussion and decision-making regarding opportunities, assistance with placement opportunities and ‘building real’ world experience.

Every student undertaking an internship placement will have a workplace supervisor who will provide support, guidance and clarification on the requirements and expectation within the host organisation’s work environment.

The BGL internship team run workshops over the course of each term and semester, along with a pre-placement activity to ensure that you have the tools necessary to undertake your placement.  The workshops also provide opportunities for students to interact and connect with other students for social support.  A BGL team member will also connect with your supervisor throughout your placement providing additional support to you and your supervisor.

Yes, there is a Host Organisation (WIL) Agreement form (only required if your Host Organisation does not have a current agreement with the University) and an Internship Placement – Learning Agreement form.  These forms are available on your unit CANVAS page or by contacting Student are also required to complete InPlace prior to the commencement of their placement.

Students are also required to lodge the full details of their internship, including their Learning Agreement, into InPlace prior to the commencement of their placement. Your Unit Convenor will formally approve your placement and notify your host supervisor that you are ready to start your internship.

Each Internship Unit has an assessment criterion with assessment tasks to be complete by the student to pass the unit.

An application for extension must be made to the Unit Convenor.  Each case will be considered individually.  Due to the nature of the internship process and the availability of placements with Host Organisations there is a degree of flexibility applied when assessing extension requests.

The role and responsibilities will vary between organisations.  This will depend on the skills and knowledge that the student possesses and the areas in which the student would like to further develop. This can range from Business Administration, Marketing, Event Management, Accounting, Data Analysis to research and report writing. It is quite normal for your Unit Convenor to visit your workplace at least once during your placement to meet you and your Supervisor to discuss your progress.

With special permission from the Unit Convenor it could be possible to undertake your internship placement at your normal place of work. Permission will only be granted if the internship is in a new section of your workplace and you are learning new skills and knowledge with a different Supervisor to your regular job.

Generally, internships are unpaid, however, some organisations may offer paid opportunities, particularly for the longer 6 or 12 credit point opportunities.

If you are undertaking an unpaid internship, you must be enrolled in an academic internship unit, to meet relevant Fair Work legislation and have university insurance cover during your placement. If your placement is paid, you should still be enrolled to gain credit towards your degree, but insurance is covered by the organisation hiring you as a paid employee.

If you are unsure about any aspect of your internship, please contact your Unit Convenor or Careers UC.

This opportunity depends on the host organisation and if they have any positions that align with your skills available in their organisation. Many internship students have received an offer of employment after completing an internship however there is no requirement for the host organisation to provide an offer of employment upon completion of your internship.

  • Learn new skills, develop your knowledge and gaining experience in your chosen career
  • The opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge to the ‘real world’ work environment
  • Working in a diverse environment will increase your self confidence, improve communication skills, develop team building skills and extend leadership skills
  • Provide networking opportunities with industry partners and likeminded people