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The Faculty of Arts and Design welcomes Research degree applications and enquiries from both domestic and international students.

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Areas of Investigation


Research Areas

Stephen Frith
Adjunct Professor
The history and theory of urbanism.
Michael Jasper
Associate Professor, Architecture
The art of city design; formal analysis, with an emphasis on problems and devices of composition in mid twentieth century architecture and on the diagonal in particular; modernist thought, and the evolution of the modernist project in relation to the historiography of Renaissance architecture.
Hitomi Nakanishi
Associate Professor
Urban design, transport planning, urban disaster management, urban modelling

Milica Muminović
Assistant Professor, Architecture

Contemporary Architecture and Urban Theories, City Analysis, Morphology, Public Space, Place Identity, Public Private Interface, Sustainable Architecture and Evaluation Methods, Japanese Architecture and Cities


Research Areas

Charles Lemckert
Professor,  Head of School

Sustainable built environment, Water in the environment, Water systems engineering and sciences, Built environment education, Coastal environment systems, Human and environment interaction, Waste management.

Saeed Banihashemi
Assistant Professor in Building and Construction Management 

Building Information Modelling (BIM), Digital-parametric design and construction, Sustainable built environment, Project management, Industry 4.0; Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Internet of Things (IoT), Digital Twin and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in built environment

Hamed Golizadeh Assistant Professor

Digital Engineering (DE); Construction Workplace Health and Safety (CWHS); Virtual Reality (VR); Augmented Reality (AR); Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA)


Research Areas

Elivio Bonollo
Emeritus Professor, Design

Design education and practice with reference to the industrial, graphic and engineering design professions; industry-based product development projects.

Bill Green
Emeritus Professor, Design
Human centred design and design history and theory, including Inclusive Design and Applied Ergonomics.
Raghavendra Gudur (Raghu)
Assistant Professor, Interaction and Visual Communication Design
Interaction design, Embodied and Tangible interaction design, Visual communication and persuasion, Information design, Experiential design, Inclusive design, Ageing and technology use, Accessibility, Intuitive interaction, Adaptive and adaptable interface design, Design thinking and design cognition, Design pedagogy
Fanke Peng
Assistant Professor, Fashion, Visual Communication and Interactive Media Design
Cross-cultural and interdisciplinary approaches to research and practice, with a research focus on digital fashion and health in the global creative economy, wearables, internet of thing (IoT), augmented reality (AR), virtual Reality (VR), near field communication (NFC), design strategy, design thinking and seamless online and offline shopping experience

Eddi Pianca
Assistant Professor Industrial Design

Industrial Design, Advanced 3D digital design, digital and traditional manufacturing, materials and processes including composites design and manufacturing, Industrial design education.

Name Research Areas

Glen Fuller 
Associate Professor, Journalism

The shifting role of specialist media in scenes and the relation between media and enthusiasm; media and cultural studies, influenced by the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze; the cultural infrastructures of non-institutional intellectual cultures.

Kate Holland
Senior Researcher, Communication
Health communication; health activism; social movements; postpsychiatry; critical realism; disability studies; research ethics.
Kerry McCallum
Professor, Communication
Australian public opinion; Indigenous representation and policymaking; media history; journalism practice and news framing of mental health, war, politics, diversity and Indigenous issues.
Mathieu O'Neil
Associate Professor, Communication
Online communities, fields, and social movements. Diffusion of innovation and activism on the Internet, work in the digital economy, and organizational and environmental communication.
Sora Park
Associate Professor, Communication & Media Studies
Digital media users and audience studies; media industries and policy; and media convergence.
NameResearch Areas
Jen Crawford
Assistant Professor, Creative Writing

Creative writing, especially approaches to poetry and fiction that expand conventional forms (visually, aurally, in genre terms). The poetics of place, including postmodern and postcolonial takes on subject/site/language relationships. Contemporary Australian poetry. Literature of Aotearoa/New Zealand, Singapore, the Pacific.

Anthony Eaton
Associate Professor, Creative Writing & Literary Studies
Childrens, Young Adult, and Crossover Fiction, both in creative practice and theoretical research.
Paul Hetherington
Professor, Creative Writing & Literary Studies
Creativity, poetry and life writing; how visual artists understand and write about their creative practice.
Sam Hinton
Assistant Professor, Design & Media Arts and Production
Assessment and feedback in creative arts; computer and video games; Australian games industry; Internet and network histories; critical approaches to emerging entertainment technologies.
Ross Gibson
Centenary Professor Creative & Cultural Research

Narrative and memory in placemaking; film studies, digital media and large-screen environments. Recent works include the books 26 Views of the Starburst World (UWAP) and Stone Grown Cold (Cordite Books) and the co-production of the ABC Radio National Feature 'Energy Grids'.

Paul Magee
Associate Professor, Poetry, Psychoanalytic and Marxist Theory
The relation between poetry and knowledge, with perspectives from Marxism, psychoanalysis, the philosophy of knowledge, and the philosophy and history of aesthetics; political theory and cultural studies;  placing poems in storey-high lettering on the sides of buildings.
Jennifer Webb
Distinguished Professor, Creative Writing & Cultural Theory
Contemporary war art; post September 11 novels and human rights issues; embodiment; creative writing focusing on prose fiction and poetry.
Jordan Williams
Associate Professor, Creative Writing and Literary Studies
The relationship between reading literature and creative writing; embodiment; new forms of reading and writing with a focus on graphic novels and new media (including new media poetry).
Name Research Areas

Ross Gibson
Centenary Professor Creative & Cultural Research

Narrative and memory in placemaking; film studies, digital media and large-screen environments. Recent works include the books 26 Views of the Starburst World (UWAP) and Stone Grown Cold (Cordite Books) and the co-production of the ABC Radio National Feature 'Energy Grids'.
Tracy Ireland
Associate Professor, Cultural Heritage
All aspects of historical archaeology and heritage management; ethics in archaeology and conservation; the cultural politics of the past; the conservation and interpretation of archaeological sites; cultural landscapes and landscape archaeology.
Tahmina Rashid
Associate Professor, International Studies
Gender & Development; Community Sustainability; Human Trafficking; Human Rights; Women's Rights Movement; Women's Empowerment; Religious Extremism; Migration, Identity & Citizenship; Geographical interest South Asia and South Asian Diaspora in Australia.

Tim Sherratt
Associate Professor, Digital Heritage

Using digital tools to expose alternative voices and experiences from within the cultural record; Exploring how digitisation projects change our relationship with the past; Developing new forms of online publication that integrate historical writing and cultural collections.
Bethaney Turner
Assistant Professor, International Studies
The role of cultural identity in relation to issues of food security and food sovereignty; social revolutionary movements in developing nations.

Alison Wain
Senior Lecturer, Cultural Heritage and Conservation

Materials conservation, conservation of intangible heritage, conservation science, ethics in heritage and conservation, significance and values in heritage, museum and collections management, curatorial studies.